July 11, 2020

the pressure of the coronavirus in a hospital in Madrid

Hospitals in Madrid are bearing unprecedented pressure with the evolution of the epidemic. The last night in the emergency room of the hospital in La Paz, one of the largest in the capital, is a portrait of saturation: armchairs where the sick spend the night, beds placed in a row with little distance between them and an outdoor tent set up ad hoc where the patients wait to be cared for, separated on the benches of chairs by a free one among themselves, according to images recorded by workers to which eldiario.es has had access.

Every day the hospital receives several hundred patients in the emergency department. A huge amount is left with Covid. According to the latest available data, on Tuesday there were 190 confirmed people pending a bed or an armchair and another 50 awaiting the test. The center has set up a tent that is the new waiting room, since the conventional one is full, as seen in the images, of chairs with patients.

The gym facilities currently have hospital beds installed. It is the way in which the center, like the rest of the hospitals in Madrid and Spain, has been molding itself to respond to demand. The patients are almost at the corner of the emergency department, where the health personnel are also getting sick. According to a nurse’s testimony, two or three of her colleagues are positive a day and the hospital’s occupational health department is overwhelmed by cases. In Madrid there are already 2,600 infected toilets.

Madrid concentrates 30.6% of all positive cases in Spain. The latest data provided by Healthcare brings the number to 17,155, 5,000 more than 24 hours ago. 12,440 have required hospitalization and 1,221 are or went through the ICU. The data in all cases is accumulated. In his appearance in the Congress of Deputies, the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, explained that Spain is close to reaching the peak of the epidemic, although the maximum healthcare pressure in hospitals will not arrive until two weeks later due to the evolution of the disease. Around mid-April, according to Illa.


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