March 9, 2021

The presidents of Italy and Ecuador back Guaidó in the Venezuelan crisis

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno ended a two-day visit to Italy with a meeting with his Italian colleague, Sergio Mattarella, in which both gave their full support to the interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, a statement from the Presidency.

"Both leaders agreed that Venezuela is going through a serious crisis and that it is essential to support the effort being made by interim president Juan Guaidó," says the official note released in Quito.

The two leaders held a bilateral meeting on Wednesday with the aim of analyzing the relations between their two countries, which addressed "trade, investment, technology development and the current situation of Venezuela."

Mattarella, according to the Ecuadorian communiqué, highlighted in the meeting the work of Moreno's Government "for the benefit of Venezuelan refugees and migrants."

In the last two years, Ecuador has received more than one million migrants, of which more than 300,000 have settled in the country.

Moreno arrived in Rome on Monday on a seven-day European tour that will also take him to France and the Netherlands.

On Tuesday, during a conference in the Italian capital, the Ecuadorian president said that his country still has the capacity to continue hosting Venezuelan immigrants, but that "everything has a limit", explaining that the decision to impose a visa to the citizens of the neighboring country.

"We have not made the decision yet because we believe we still have the capacity to serve" the Venezuelans who arrive fleeing the crisis in their country.

"But the moment the flow becomes so big, we would have a bad time and they would have a hard time," he said.

Moreno responded to a question from Efe about his proposal to impose a "humanitarian visa" on Venezuelans that allows for an "orderly and safe migration", when Ecuador's exit from Unasur ends.

The meeting between the two presidents took place in the Quirinal Palace, where the Ecuadorian head of state received military honors and where he was accompanied by the Foreign Minister, José Valencia, and other high officials of the Carondelet Palace.

On the Italian side, in addition to Mattarella, the Foreign Minister, Enzo Moavero Milanesi, participated.

In the framework of the meeting, Mattarella also acknowledged the commitment of the Ecuadorian Government in its fight against corruption and "committed to support and support this cause," the official press release points out.

Moreno went to Italy, and to the two European countries that still have ahead in his trip, in search of cooperation in the field of cybersecurity, tourism and also investments.

During the day today, Ecuador signed an agreement with the pediatric hospital of the Vaticano Bambino Gesú for the treatment of children with catastrophic illnesses as well as to improve the training of Ecuadorian professionals.

"The agreement opens the doors on both sides, which is what we are doing in Ecuador, opening doors and sharing experiences.It is very important the whole history of care and health that this hospital has for many years, I think it will be very beneficial for our professionals, "said first lady Rocio González, who participated in the signing.

In another agreement, the Italian Society for the International Organization (SIOI) and the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry signed a memorandum of understanding in order to support the process of training diplomats from the Andean country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed in a separate statement that the training that will be offered after the signing of the memorandum will include specialization courses designed jointly by SIOI and the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The signing of this agreement is part of the policy of the Ecuadorian chancellor to strengthen the profile of diplomats in his country, whose first step was the restoration of the Diplomatic Academy, this year.

Moreno will travel in the next few hours to France, the second stage of this European tour, to meet with his colleague Emmanuel Macron, and then the Netherlands.

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