The president of Uruguay receives an honorary degree from the Australian university

The president of Uruguay receives an honorary degree from the Australian university

The president of Uruguay, Tabaré Vázquez, today received the honoris causa title from the State University of Deakin, located in the Australian city of Victoria, for his contribution to human development as "a holistic concept", especially in the areas of education and health.

"I am honored and moved by this title and I thank him for his appreciation of me and, above all, for the recognition of Uruguay, the country in whose public education system I trained personally and professionally," said the Uruguayan president. .

He stressed during his speech that the actions he promotes in his country against noncommunicable diseases are "by vocation and professional training", but also, as a citizen to whom his peers have entrusted him with political and institutional responsibilities, for which he insisted that " now is the time to act. "

"In that inseparable condition of doctor and citizen, I commit myself to honor the title that I receive today, because the diplomas, more than a diploma or a medal that marks a point of arrival, are a stimulus to continue forward in what motivated said recognition. "he assured.

Regarding noncommunicable diseases, Vázquez recalled that the commitment assumed by the UN includes the application of a series of policies that include education campaigns and public awareness to promote healthy lifestyles, vaccination against human papillomavirus infection, among other.

This in order to prevent cervical cancer and the treatment of high blood pressure and diabetes.

"At the UN it was agreed to base this action on sound legislation and fiscal measures to protect people from tobacco, unhealthy food and other harmful products, through measures such as limiting the advertising of alcoholic beverages, prohibition of smoking in certain spaces and through taxes on sugary drinks, "he said.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Vice Chancellor of the State University of Deakin, Gary Smith, said that the reasons why Vázquez received the distinction of the Australian university are the implementation of Plan Ceibal, which includes providing a computer for every public school student.

In addition to the "sustained" support to the National Research and Innovation Agency (ANII) and its "extraordinary contribution" in the development of education and scientific research.

They also took into account "the measures taken so that Uruguay becomes one of the leading producers of renewable energy in the world, the care system to care for the elderly and disabled, and the public health care demonstrated through the commitment to combat tobacco and alcohol consumption, "he said.


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