The president of the SGAE declares in the National Audience for 'the Wheel of televisions'

The president of the General Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE), José Miguel Fernández Sastrón, is summoned to testify this Thursday as an investigator before the judge of the National Court Ismael Moreno, who directs the case for the plot known as "La Televisions' Wheel.

Sastron is scheduled to testify at 10:30 am on a day in which three people will testify for their alleged links with this plot: Carlos Salazar Murillo, head of the music division of Canal Sur Radio and Television; José Luis Rupérez Cebolla and María Sanz Núñez de Villavicencio.

It will be the second day of statement, because on Tuesday Judge Moreno has listened to José Arturo Morales Rodriguez, Juan Manuel Muruve Calle, Raquel Camins Cruxent and Antonia Prieto Ragel (director of TVE entertainment programs), who, upon his departure , has explained to the media that it has "complied with its legal obligation" and has given a statement emphasizing that "nothing" has to do with "this story".

This plot, uncovered a little over a year ago, was made up of several SGAE partners and would have defrauded some 100 million euros between 2006 and 2011 through an operation consisting of the fraudulent registry of alleged modifications of original works --and , therefore, free of copyright - without any variation of the authentic ones to be broadcasted in night television programs.

According to the investigating magistrate, these plagiarized public domain works were securitized on behalf of relatives and frontmen under different publishers belonging to the investigated. These companies formalized agreements with those responsible for contracting music from the different television channels, which, in turn, charged a variable percentage of the copyright of said works.

In the police operation that uncovered the plot, in June 2017, 18 people were arrested and the three principal investigators - the composer Fernando Bermúdez, the producer Rafael Tena and the Cádiz pianist Manuel Carrasco Tubio - passed before Judge Moreno, who They imposed prison eludible on bail of 100,000 euros.


In the car dictated after taking a statement, the magistrate reported that 'the Wheel of televisions' was a system "preconceived and enduring in time" that could be carried out "in collusion" with workers of television producers by paying commissions for the musical repertoire to be broadcast at night time, giving preference to these works, made by people with "dubious musical knowledge".

For Moreno, in addition to the economic benefit, with this system there was a political benefit, since the SGAE distributes the number of votes among its members according to the amounts they receive for the generation of copyright, which allows them to have power of attorney. decision on the Board and "perpetuate fraud". According to what was stated in the order, all of the partners, that is, 120,000 people, would have suffered from these actions.


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