The president of the Lugo Provincial Council asks Feijóo for "solutions" and the government to join the shareholders

The president of the Lugo Provincial Council, the socialist José Tomé, has asked the central government to "study entering the shareholding" of Alcoa in order to avoid the 534 layoffs that the company plans to carry out at its aluminum plant in San Cibrao .

In declarations this Thursday, he asks the Government to study this possibility, as "other European countries such as France and Germany" do to "strengthen" strategic companies.

It also calls for the implementation of the statute for the electro-intensive industries, as well as for the Ministry of Industry to "analyze the return" of the multiple public aids given to the company, which "did not apply" to "what was promised".

Likewise, the president of the Lugo Provincial Council warns the president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, that "the hour of the photos empty of content" is over, so he demands "solutions on the table."

In this sense, he points out that Feijóo "must take the example of the Basque Government in support of strategic companies", since every year there are "millions and millions of euros" of the Igape "that are not applied".


After showing his support for the workers, Tomé has said that he hopes that Alcoa will "not get free" for this commitment to "relocation".

All in all, he hopes that the layoffs will "not come to fruition" and forms part of a "push and pull" strategy by the company.

He assures that the County Council "is not going to remain impassive", after "very bad news" which means that: "The company was playing with all of us." And it is that it considers that this decision "is not taken in four days", so behind there are "economic interests" and other "geostrategic".


For its part, the PP of Lugo has accused the central government of acting as "gravedigger" of Alcoa, while urging the socialists from Lugo to pressure the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, to "save" the industry in San Cibrao.

In a statement, it shows its support for workers, while announcing new initiatives in all institutional spheres in favor of employment in a "key" company for A Mariña and the province.


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