The president of the INE whose replacement was finalized by the Government resigns

The president of the National Institute of Statistics (INE), Juan Rodríguez Poo, presented his resignation on Monday, according to has advanced ABC and has confirmed For a few weeks it had been rumored that the government was going to remove Rodríguez Poo as president of the public body. According to some sources, several members of the Pedro Sánchez Executive had expressed their disagreement with how the INE was accounting for both inflation and economic growth. Other sources relate his departure to a restructuring of the statistical body in which they wanted to modify the statutes and expand the means and personnel.

Rodríguez Poo has sent an email to his closest collaborators in which he assures that he is resigning from his position for personal reasons. For months there has been an internal controversy over the way in which the statistical institute counts both the GDP and the CPI. "The INE is used to calculating small variations in GDP and not falls and rises as pronounced and sudden as those we have had with the pandemic," they explained a few months ago from the Government.

In the Council of Ministers they simply did not believe the GDP data that the INE has given, which some attribute to flaws in its methodology that they have not wanted to correct. For example, the price of electricity is measured only taking into account the customers of the regulated rate and citizens with a rate of the regulated market are left out, half, which is giving a partial view of the prices of electricity, which now have a direct impact on the evolution of the CPI.

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