The president of the Franco Foundation attacks a collaborator of ‘Cuatro al día’: “How outrageous”

Alán Barroso and Juan Chicharro

Alán Barroso and Juan Chicharro

Four up to date’ addressed this Monday the new Historical Memory Law which provides for outlawing entities that advocate for the Francoism and exalt your leaders. The Francisco Franco Foundation feels “attacked” and has tried to justify its existence based on the “freedom of expression”, as explained Joaquin Prat in your program. Minutes later, the presenter connected live with the president of the organization, Juan Chicharro, to know their point of view.

In addition to being convinced that his organization will not be outlawed, the guest dedicated himself to belittling a collaborator for his opinions. This happened after Alán barroso define your intervention as “a real embarrassment”. “How proud I am that we have begun to see a new Spain that has forgotten you,” he said.

The tertullian also stressed that, in another European country, it would be “unthinkable” to debate in TV with a person who defends a dictatorship: “I will be truly delighted when in the public debate we banish not only that dark time, but also your organization, which does nothing more than remember the memory of a murderer.”

“You are very young, you have no idea what you are saying. You have read two comics and believed them”replied the aforementioned. “He has not been hungry, he does not know what hunger or misfortune is. Do not come to me with milongas, because just by seeing him … He has no credibility,” he then dropped, causing the outrage of other social gatherings such as Cristina Fallarás : “That awful”.

Barroso did not hide his astonishment at Chicharro’s words: “Am I not credible because I am young talking about the history of my country?”. “You do not have any credibility to talk about what our country needs or not. What are you telling me about whether I was hungry or not?” He added while Joaquín Prat tried to stop the discussion: “Always We have to end this way, with how unpleasant these kinds of conversations are. ” “It is unpleasant to talk to anyone who defends Francoism”You will fail.

“You, who pretend to be a democrat, cannot deny me my right to freedom of thought,” added the defender of Franco before Barroso, who pointed out: “Your right to exalt a dictator”. “Hey, go to Cuba or Venezuela!” Snapped his interlocutor. “If to justify Franco he has to talk about CubaIt has very few arguments, “the journalist concluded.


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