July 7, 2020

The president of the Forum warns Álvarez-Cascos that his time "has passed"

The political time of Francisco Álvarez Cascos, current vice president of Forum Asturias, is over, according to the president of this formation and former mayor of Gijón, Carmen Moriyón, who maintains a pulse with the former vice secretary general of the PP for taking control of a party that conserves two deputies in the Asturian parliament and one in the Congress.

Moriyón has blamed Álvarez-Cascos for the electoral failure of the last regional elections and has recriminated that his relationship with regionalist formation be based on the remuneration he received from Foro as vice president of a formation that was born around his figure in 2011 after leave the PP.

The president of Foro, who has held this position since September 2018, has collected these criticisms in a letter that she has sent to Álvarez Cascos and that today she has made public in an appearance without questions before the press after holding an extraordinary Board of Directors Committee in Oviedo match.

Álvarez-Cascos, who has not attended this meeting, made public a few moments before its start a statement in which he claims to have declared before a notary that since June 2019, after the regional elections, he resigned from receiving any compensation from the party to join the retirement situation since July 1.

Several Forum leaders had accused him of having been receiving a salary of about 5,000 euros per month as vice president of the party and generating expenses of up to 14,000 euros per month for such training, including social expenses, car, driver, gasoline, hotels and tolls , among others.

Leaders close to Moriyón consider that the vice-president of the party tried to recover now – after obtaining a seat in Congress after reissuing his coalition with the PP – the control of the party's box after the current leadership decided to confront first, after its progressive loss of seats, the payment of debts contracted by the party -300,000 euros, according to Moriyón-.

For Cascos, these accusations respond to an "ignoble operation" that uses "Goebbelian propaganda" and based "on alleged scandalous data referring to internal regime issues that seek to confuse and distract" and "shatter the image and personal credibility of the political opponent ".

In his letter of resignation as vice president, he reproached him for the results of the last regional ones, in which the candidacy headed by Moriyón, who resigned from taking possession of his seat, went from three to two deputies for a formation that came to have 16 in 2011, when he formed a government of just eleven months and reduced to thirteen seats in 2012 and three in 2015.

In his reply, Moriyón has also accused him of having failed in the advisory work, of directing a "wrong campaign" at the regional and municipal level and of having subsequently unchecked the party until he tried to regain control of Forum when he managed to establish himself as a group parliamentarian "with the consequent financial contribution to the party that entails".

"What reflection is possible when the person responsible for this party is about to be shipwrecked seems unable to understand that his political time ended when he failed the only government that could bring about a real change in Asturias" ?, maintains the president of Foro in a letter in which he maintains that Cascos never assumed his responsibilities for the poor electoral results.

For Moriyón, the "concrete causes of the decline of the party" have their origin at the table presence of Cascos in the directive commission he headed, in his insistence to be vice president of the party and for not having been limited to "but wanted to do and did always, yes, remuneratedly. "

After criticizing his attempts to "contaminate" the internal decision processes in the party and to propitiate in the electoral campaign "episodes as unpleasant as unnecessary", Moriyón has said he will continue to exercise his "legitimate powers" to designate members of the leadership or propose the replacement of vacancies.

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