June 16, 2021

The president of the European Parliament warns that “there is no room for the glorification of any dictatorship” after a revisionist campaign by Hermann Tertsch

The President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli (PD / S & D), responded this Wednesday to the campaign launched by Vox MEP Hermann Tertsch against the Spanish Government’s democratic memory bill, in favor of the “holy cross of the Valley of the Fallen” and in a revisionist line of both the dictatorship and the republican government.

The Memory Group of the European Parliament condemns Hermann Tertsch's defense of the legacy of the Valley of the Fallen: "It would be a crime in Germany or Italy"

The Memory Group of the European Parliament condemns Hermann Tertsch’s defense of the legacy of the Valley of the Fallen: “It would be a crime in Germany or Italy”

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Sassoli, in response to a letter from the European Parliament’s Historical Memory group, in which they denounced the comments of Tertsch, the president of the institution has affirmed, in response to the content of the message of the Vox MEP: “The Government of the Spanish Republic, legitimate, constitutional and democratically elected, was overthrown by a coup d’état . The one who led that uprising, General Franco, was a dictator and his regime practiced the systematic persecution and elimination of its political adversaries. Chasing the parties that supported that government to “destroy democracy and freedoms” is not debatable, it is a falsification of history “.

“Count, consequently, both on my commitment to defending the freedom of expression of each and every one of the members of this house and on the assurance that in the exercise of it there is no room for the glorification of any dictatorship”, Sassoli concludes.

Hermann Tertsch sent an email to all MEPs and their collaborators a few weeks ago about the “alarming events in Spain”. In a text plagued with inaccuracies and falsehoods about the Democratic Memory bill, which in no case is attached to its message, Tertsch compares “the desecration of the grave [de Franco]”with the persecution of Christians in the thirties of the last century”, when, he affirms, “socialists, communists and anarchists in Spain murdered more than 12,000 priests and nuns, dozens of bishops and high clerics”.

The Vox MEP defends that the “European Parliament should ask the radical left government in Spain to stop trying to impose the myths and lies of communism as official truth and put an end to its attempt to repress the truth and initiate the judicial prosecution of historical facts “.

As a result of that message from the Vox MEP, the Historical Memory group of the European Parliament sent a letter to the president of the institution, David Sassoli, in which they show their “absolute rejection of the Francoist message published last week by MEP Hermann Tertsch , from the far-right and neo-Francoist party VOX “. Thus, they consider that the text “does not comply with the community heritage on democratic memory and protection of victims and that it comes from a party that does not condemn the Franco regime, that participates in acts of glorification and trivialization of this dictatorship.”

The letter sent to the President of the European Parliament was signed by all the members of the Historical Memory group: Clara Aguilera (PSOE / S & D); Pernando Barrena (EH Bildu / GUE); Izaskun Bilbao (PNV / Renew); Toni Comín (Junts / Not Registered); Manu Pineda (IU / GUE); Clara Ponsatí (Junts / Not Registered); Carles Puigdemont (Junts / Not Registered): Sira Rego (IU / GUE); Diana Riba i Giner (ERC / Verdes); Jordi Solé (ERC / Greens); Miguel Urban (Anticapitalistas / GUE); Ernest Urtasun (Catalunya en Comú / Verdes); Idoia Vilanueva (Podemos / GUE); Ana Miranda (BNG spokesperson and former MEP).

“The message sent last week would be punished as a crime in Germany or Italy if it referred to Hitler or Mussolini,” the letter sent to Sassoli stated: “In Spain, due to the inadequate application of the community heritage in memory, neo-Francoism operates with total impunity, and this is one of the aspects that the new draft of the Memory Law, criticized by MEP Hermann Terstch, aims to correct “.

And this Wednesday, Sassoli responded forcefully “There is no glorification of any dictatorship.”


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