May 31, 2020

The president of the CRUE says that irregular theses and masters "have done a lot of damage"

The president of the Conference of Rectors of the Spanish Universities (CRUE), José Carlos Gómez Villamandos, has acknowledged that cases of courses, master's degrees and irregular doctoral theses among the political class have done "a lot of damage as a system".

In statements to Efe, the rector of the University of Córdoba (UCO) has stated that "when these things arise we all fall like a jug of cold water", although he believes that "individually" the universities "have followed maintaining credibility in their territories. "

He has also asked that political parties are "the furthest away" from decision-making in the University, although he has defended that the institution is "political with capital letters".

"The University is political with capital letters," the Cordovan rector has claimed, since "how the University does its work, and school its work, the future will depend", so the reform of the university law is " key "for the future of society.

Villamandos has alluded to the "government" of the university and has lamented that some political formations refer to the "model of savings banks" or "past times", although he has recognized that the need for a change in Governance, although it has qualified that "more in the internal" than in the "election of the rector".

He pointed out that the Spanish university system is one of the "most equitable" in the world and that "equality of opportunities is the" way to travel, and we will never be satisfied "in that sense.

He has also criticized the use of the University Access Assessment (EvAU) as a "political tool thrown" without "analyzing situations", and explained that in September a working group will be created to study the "distortions" that they can be produced in the "application of the norm".

The rector has assured that the universities are "dissatisfied" with the fact that in "specific cases" the test was not available in Spanish in the centers of Catalonia and has emphasized that in cases like these it is where it is shown that "equality of opportunities is key "in a democratic state.

"Castilian is the official language and it should be guaranteed at all times that students who want to do the test in Spanish do so in that equality of opportunities", although it has qualified that the "punctual" incidents were corrected "immediately".

In addition, he recalled that the University is a "focus of society" and, therefore, the institution must "assume certain responsibilities", so that anything that leads to the "tension" in Catalonia should be "away from the university "

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