The president of the Constitutional Court asks the new magistrates to “set an example”

The Constitutional Court has four new members. Enrique Arnaldo, Concepción Espejel, Juan Ramón Sáez and Inmaculada Montalban have taken possession of their chairs in the court of guarantees on a day in which, among others, their president Juan José González Rivas has been fired. The salient has assured in his speech that the magistrates of the Constitutional must be “set an example” and has omitted on the march allusions that his written speech had on “the challenge of the independence of Catalonia” as well as allusions to “virtue and decency “of the magistrates.

Consensus in the Constitutional Court to elect Pedro González-Trevijano president imminently

Consensus in the Constitutional Court to elect Pedro González-Trevijano president imminently

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González Rivas has provisionally ceded the presidency to Santiago Martínez-Vares until Pedro González-Trevijano is elected as the new president during the remaining half year of his mandate by consensus of the progressive and conservative sectors. The ceremony at the Constitutional Court was attended by, among others, the Ministers of Justice and Defense, Pilar Llop and Margarita Robles, the Minister of the Presidency Félix Bolaños and the president of the General Council of the Judiciary, Carlos Lesmes.

In his speech, González Rivas praised the work carried out during his tenure and assured that “constitutional magistrates must set an example.” He has omitted the allusions in his written speech that magistrates “must be an example of virtue and decency.” Later he added that “the legitimate professional aspirations and the personal prestige of the magistrate must be put at the service of the Constitutional Justice.”

Words delivered before the Constitutional staff and before the new magistrates. Among them, Enrique Arnaldo, whose candidacy went ahead by virtue of the agreement between PP and PSOE with the favorable votes of United We Can but with a part of its deputies showing their disagreement with the appointment. Odón Elorza, Socialist spokesman in the appointments committee, came to describe the appointment of Arnaldo as “swallow it” to unblock the renewal of the court.

The allusion to “virtue and decency” has not been the only change that the president of the Constitutional Court has made to his written speech. He has referred to the judgments relating to the procés and has also omitted on the fly the allusion that his written speech made to the fact that “we had to respond to the challenge of the independence of Catalonia.” On this, he has indicated that in several of his sentences “the supremacy of the Constitution and the unity of the Spanish nation” were clear.


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