February 26, 2021

The president of the Canary Islands, of the PSOE, defends the Government of Chivite in Navarra: "She is a brave woman"

"Chivite is going to make history because she is a brave woman and clearly knows what she has to do," Torres said in an interview at RNE, collected by Europa Press, in which the government formed by the PSN has applauded and believes that It is "absolutely legitimate."

In this sense, Torres has criticized the attitude of Navarra Suma, the coalition of UPN, PP and Citizens, who won the regional elections of May 26, because according to him, "there is a lot of demagogy and hypocrisy in many statements" of these parties, who call the parties that have supported the investiture of Chivite "unconstitutionalists."

"When they ruled this country, they were taking measures at the Parliament's table with parties that now call themselves unconstitutionalists or independentists," Torres criticized the composition of the Bureau of Congress last legislature.

He also said that Chivite has won the Presidency of Navarra with the support of other non-independence parties and with the abstention of Bildu. "Chivite gets the Presidency and Bildu does not support it," he said.

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