The president of the Ateneo de Madrid will be tried for threats to a partner

Luis Arroyo, president of the Athenaeum of Madrid. / EFE

The hearing against Luis Arroyo is held on June 14, two weeks after the elections in the institution, and the defendant reports three episodes of intimidation

The president of the Ateneo de Madrid, Luis Arroyo, will be tried on June 14 in the Investigating Court number 21 for a minor crime of threatening a member of the historic cultural institution, which recently celebrated two hundred years of life. The complainant Francisco José Alonso, a member of the institution for 42 years with number 24,797, reported the facts to the Attorney General's Office and the court decided to send the case to trial last February.

In his brief, the complainant recounts a first episode of Arroyo's alleged threat on October 27, 2021 in the central Plaza Santa Ana in Madrid. The president of the Athenaeum for a year was sitting on a terrace with the first secretary of the institution, Pepita Marín, and when he saw that Alonso was passing by the place he called him and told him that he was going to finish him off, accusing him of being "shepherd of the sect (of Scientology)" and that I had a report from him on this matter.

The following February 8, complainant and defendant met in a court in Madrid, in a conciliation act for a lawsuit against honor filed by Alonso. In the presence of three people, who will attend the trial as witnesses, Arroyo blurted out that she had filed a complaint against him and that she was going to find out "because I was going to sink."

Arroyo added that he had some reports from the Spanish League for Human Rights and the Manuel Azaña Study Center, both organizations chaired by Francisco Javier Alonso. The lawsuit for the right to honor comes from a mobile message broadcast by Arroyo on October 28, 2021, in which he defamed Alonso on the eve of the elections to the tables of the Ateneo sections, which were to be held three days later. .

"I fear any other excess"

Arroyo identified Alonso, who heads a rival candidacy along with other partners, as "the one from Scientology who published vomitive articles." For this reason, Alonso denounced the threats to the Prosecutor's Office, demanded protection and framed Arroyo's attitude in contempt of the Ateneo's internal regulations since he assumed the presidency. "I fear any other excess," the complaint concludes.

Precisely, the trial scheduled for June 14 will take place two weeks after the new elections in the private institution, which will be held on May 31. Convulsive elections due to the bitter confrontations between Grupo 1820 de Arroyo, a sociologist and political communication adviser, and an integration candidacy known as Athenists for the Defense of the Regulation, dissatisfied with the direction that the institution has taken in recent months

This cultural center, initially created as a Scientific and Literary Athenaeum, has been the scene of the passage of six presidents of the Government and almost all the Spanish Nobel laureates, leaders of the Second Republic and members of the literary generations of 98, 14 and 27 Its presidents include Ramón María del Valle-Inclán, Antonio Cánovas del Castillo, Miguel de Unamuno, Gregorio Marañón and Manuel Azaña.

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