The president of the ANC burns a giant photo of King Felipe VI in the protests in Barcelona

The president of the ANC, Elisenda Paluzie, this Friday burned a photo of King Felipe VI at the gates of Estació de França, where the act in which the monarch participated was held. "The Bourbons have reigned in Catalonia for more than 300 years by right of conquest," the independence leader proclaimed.

The president of the ANC burns a photo of King Felipe VI

Paluzie has burned a giant photo of the king after the human chain organized by his entity and Òmnium due to the visit of the monarch to Barcelona at the closing ceremony of the 'Barcelona New Economy Week' (BNEW), together with the President of the Government Pedro Sanchez.

"In this war of attrition, in which the King is here today to show that he can come to Catalonia, people take to the streets to show that they are not welcome in Catalonia," he said. And she added that if today she can set fire to the photo, it is because before others who were convicted of insults to the king and who took the case to the Strasbourg Court, which considered it freedom of expression, did it.


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