The president of Prisa bursts into Indra with 4.1% of the capital one week before the meeting

The president of Prisa bursts into Indra with 4.1% of the capital one week before the meeting

The president of the Prisa group, Joseph Oughourlian, has broken into Indra's shareholding with 4.1% of the capital, which immediately makes him the company's fourth largest shareholder one week before the shareholders' meeting of the technological.

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Oughourlian has channeled his investment through the fund manager Amber Capital and has 7,384,790 shares of the firm, as transmitted to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) on Thursday. This stake is valued at current market prices (10.21 euros per share) at 75.69 million euros.

The director of the media and education group is positioned by weight in the capital only below the State Industrial Participation Society (SEPI), which has 25.15% and hopes to reach 28% soon, the investment fund Fidelity (9.8%) and the defense group SAPA (5%).

Oughourlian arrives at the capital of the company at a crucial moment for its future at an organizational level, since precisely last Wednesday the SEPI board approved proposing the former socialist deputy Juan Moscoso as its third director at Indra.

SEPI's objective is to turn Indra into a pole that consolidates the Spanish defense sector, especially after the war in Ukraine and given the foreseeable rise in the budget in this field.

In this context, Oughourlian joins SAPA as a new shareholder within the Spanish defense and technology company, replacing a long-standing shareholder in the firm's capital such as Corporación Financiera Alba, which sold its stake following the departure of Fernando Abril Martorell at the request of SEPI last year.

The agenda for the shareholders' meeting on June 23 contemplates continuing with the model that places Marc Murtra as non-executive chairman and two executive directors, the CEO, Ignacio Mataix, and the general director of IT, Luis Abril, whose name must be approved by the shareholders.

Likewise, the board must revalidate the renewal of the two proprietary directors that SEPI had until now in the body: the former Minister of Industry Miguel Sebastián and the former deputy Antonio Cuevas, as well as the appointment of the independent, Francisco García Sanz, former number two from Volkswagen, and the renewal of Isabel Torremocha.

On the other hand, SAPA has claimed a seat on the board for the president of the Royal Society, Jokin Aperribay, a member of the group's founding family, but has been opposed by the Appointments Commission.

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