The president of Liberbank believes that the ruling of the Supreme needs "development"

The president of Liberbank, Pedro Rivero, believes that the ruling of the Supreme Court that states that taxes on legal acts in the signing of a mortgage must be paid by banks and not by clients requires "some development" and sees "reckless" talk about its consequences.

Rivero has shown this way in Santander, where he has starred in the Forum Being Cantabria with a talk on "The Energy Transition and its Financing."

In the question time of the attendees, has referred to the ruling of the Supreme Court known yesterday and stressed that "what it says simply" is that it removes the article of the regulation by which the payment of this tax was applied to the client .

From there, Rivero has lamented that there have already been "firm opinions" on how it will affect the bank, while he has assured that neither he nor the legal services of the entity have an opinion.

"I think we have to do some development that allows us to express our opinion and that it is foolhardy to think about the consequences of who has to return it," said the president of Liberbank, who has argued that money "is where it needs to be", which is in the regional haciendas, which are the ones that collect it.

And he has stressed that this tax was not for the banks. "Now it's about seeing who has taken him, who stops him, who has put him there, because I do not know," Rivero concluded.


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