The president of Korean Air dies because of lung cancer

The president of Korean Air dies because of lung cancer

Cho Yang-ho, president of Korean Air, the leading South Korean airline, has died in the United States because of lung cancer, the company said today, just a month after being removed from the company's board of directors.

At the moment Korea Air has not offered any other details regarding the death of Cho, 70 years old.

His death comes after he was excluded from the board of directors of the company he chaired after a series of scandals in March around his figure and that of his family, including repeated cases of abuse of subordinates.

His wife and two daughters centered several of these episodes, among which caused a special media commotion that of his daughter Heather, who resigned from his position in Korean Air after forcing a plane of the company, already on track, to return to the terminal after an outburst in which he threw a bag of nuts to a purser.

The expulsion of Cho, who in turn was being tried for embezzlement and other crimes, was the first time in South Korea that the founder of a "chaebol" (business conglomerate controlled by a family clan) was removed from a position of responsibility thanks to the vote of the shareholders.

The poor image of the Cho family ended up affecting very negatively the airline, which last year reaped a net loss of 167,600 million won (about 131 million euros / 147 million dollars).


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