July 25, 2021

The president of Fundación Mapfre receives the medal of honor from the Royal Academy of Medicine

The president of Fundación Mapfre receives the medal of honor from the Royal Academy of Medicine

The president of the Mapfre Foundation, Antonio Huertas, has received this Monday the Medal of Honor from the Royal National Academy of Medicine for his "the contribution to the improvement of the quality of life and health throughout the more than 40 years of history" of the social entity.

Joaquín Poch, president of the RANM, has given him this distinction, which since 1999 recognizes institutions and personalities of scientific, academic and health life, with especially relevant merits that enrich academic life.

Huertas thanked this "prestigious" recognition, which is granted in a "very restrictive" manner, which makes him feel "enormously honored", he pointed out. También has congratulated RANM for "the contribution of medicine to improving the world, especially for the great medical advances that are making it possible to prolong people's disability-free lives."

"Medicine is behind the shift of longevity that is allowing us to live longer, especially from the publication of the human genome that has opened the possibility of cure for many diseases. Behind this progress there have been institutions that have been supporting research, as Fundación Mapfre has done for many years with different projects", pointed out Antonio Huertas.

The president of the Mapfre Foundation has referred, among others, to support of the entity to successfully develop a cell therapy for spinal cord injuries at Puerta de Hierro Hospital in Madrid, that after more than 20 years of work "is close" to be authorized by the Spanish Agency of Medicine. "It is not the cure for all types of injuries, but it is the door to the final cure of these pathologies and others, such as brain damage and stroke, we are very satisfied," he assured.

During his lecture, entitled 'The role of medicine in the growing hope of a healthy life for the population', Antonio Huertas stressed that "Thanks to medical science, today we face most diseases and we start talking about how to fight them successfully, and that has been mainly thanks to the work done by their professionals. "

He has also claimed the importance of increasing healthy life expectancy, something that in his opinion has become "a challenge that society has to understand and address". "People no longer only want to live longer, but they want to live better, with the maximum physical and mental abilities and, of course, free of any type of disability," he added. The first edition of the Fundación Mapfre Awards Social Innovation, which recently awarded a medical device capable of detecting epileptic seizures.


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