Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

The president of Ecuador will travel to Spain after visiting China and Qatar

The president of Ecuador will travel to Spain after visiting China and Qatar

The Ecuadorian president, Lenin Moreno, and a delegation of around thirty entrepreneurs, academics and trade union representatives, will visit Spain in about ten days, the last destination of a tour that will take him first to China and Qatar.

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Sources from the Communications Secretariat of the Ecuadorian Presidency told Efe that their arrival in Spain will take place around next December 17th.

They explained that the first stage of their international journey will be China, where they will be from 11 to 13 this month and then move to Qatar, where they will stay for three days, and then travel to Spain where they will stay for another three or four days.

"The Ecuadorian visit to these nations will strengthen trade relations, and it is a sign of the Government's new international policy, recognized by countries with high development rates, with which historic agreements have been reached in a year," says one communication released by the Secom.

Moreno's next visit to Spain will be his third since he took office in May 2017.

The first was made by the same date last year and the second in July of this year.

The sources consulted did not offer details about the agenda of meetings that the president will keep in Madrid, nor about his visit to Qatar.

Regarding the visit to China, the press release states that a bilateral agenda will be carried out with the Asian giant that includes meetings at the highest level with the Chinese President of the Government, Xi Jinping, and businessmen from both nations.

The signing of several memoranda of understanding is also planned in areas such as economic and technical cooperation or non-reimbursable resources from China to Ecuador.


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