The president of Ecuador assures that he will not faint in the fight against corruption

The president of Ecuador assures that he will not faint in the fight against corruption

The president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, said today that he will not faint in the fight against corruption and stressed that "recovering democratic institutions and ethics" in society will only be possible if each citizen assumes the part of the responsibility that corresponds to him.

This was stated in the solemn session for the commemoration of the 198 years of independence of the Andean city of Cuenca (south), in which he said that the "struggle for independence is still ongoing."

"We no longer have to free ourselves from the Spanish yoke, but from the chains of poverty, backwardness, social inequities, discrimination, prejudices and also, without any doubt, we must free ourselves from those who still try to dominate us with arrogance , the lie and corruption, "he said.

He warned that they will not lower their arms against corruption, "now less than ever, together we will continue to face them with courage, determination, with the force of truth and the force of justice."

The president added that he expects that those responsible for each of the functions of the State, and each citizen, do their part in the fight against corruption.

"The president has the task of driving, of course, but those who make the history, we already know for a long time, are not the leaders, they are the people, the most the leaders do is accelerate or slow down the processes", he commented.

He said he shares "the frustration" of those who demand that punishments in corruption cases "come more quickly and more strictly."

"The cases of corruption and abuse of power outrage the country and me as its ruler," he said.

And without mentioning names, he indicated that "those who flee today, less than two years ago, had all the power, all the powers and believed themselves untouchable, today we have exposed their corruption, the entire country knows what they did and demands that they respond for their acts. "

Different control institutions in Ecuador have initiated a series of investigations into alleged corruption in the country and in one of the cases that investigates the alleged misuse of public money, Fernando Alvarado, former secretary of Communication of the administration of Rafael Correa, fled last month. (2007-2017).

The president insisted that the fight against corruption is everyone's task and stressed that he will not faint in that fight in everything that corresponds to the Executive.

Criticized that those who "never did" anything to fight corruption and that "those who silenced, almost complicitly, today claim that nothing is done, that you do not proceed with a strong hand".

"I remind you that we have independent, autonomous organizations, laws that must be respected, and we are re-institutionalizing the country," said one who declared himself a democrat and respectful of the institutions.

He added: "If I did what I want, I would already have some in jail, several, many, but that's not how democracies work."

"There are legal processes and times, although I confess that, like many of you, I would like them to be quicker and not allow anyone, absolutely nobody, to go unpunished," the governor commented.

He asked his compatriots to denounce the acts of corruption and recalled that if the struggle is everyone's task, "the change must start with each one".

Moreno recalled that before Ecuador was a country confronted and congratulated that now is different, one of dialogue, "of free people, the country of the hug with the neighbor, solidarity with the friend."

And in that line, he was silent when in the middle of his speech, two women with a green banner shouted slogans against mining from the back of the room, before leaving the premises.

"Why do they run away, why do they take the cloth? Please return the cloth, and the ladies too, please," the governor asked very calmly in the middle of the applause of the attendees.

The president welcomed the women when they returned to the room and sat down with the other attendees. "Those times have passed," he told them before resuming his speech.


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