The President of Ecuador and other leaders call for a global alliance against COVID-19

The President of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, and other world leaders agreed on the need to promote a global alliance against the coronavirus pandemic, the Presidency of the Andean country reported on Wednesday.

In the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, "we must form a true global alliance to mobilize human ingenuity and solidarity," says the main statement in the note entitled "Five world leaders: This is not the time for geopolitical fights," written by Frank-Walter Steinmeier, President of Germany.

The note was written in co-authorship with the Ecuadorian ruler and his like Halimah Yacob, from Singapore; SahleWork Zewde from Ethiopia; and King Abdullah II bin Al Hussei of Jordan says a press release from the Presidency.

In the article, published in the British newspaper Financial Times, the authors urge the world to effectively counter COVID-19 by tearing down the barriers that prevent knowledge sharing and global cooperation, the statement noted.

This initiative, unique in the current context, seeks to sensitize all those who can collaborate in the construction of a global response to the advance of the virus, he adds.

"Shared knowledge and accelerated research led by a global network of scientists will provide ... the final answer to our current difficulties," the authors note, stressing the importance of modern medicine to defeat pests through therapies and vaccines. .

This new alliance, aware that "after the crisis, our societies will not be the same and neither will the world be", has four objectives.

These include accelerating research and development of treatments and vaccines through open and transparent science with far superior funding, and ensuring the rapid production, purchase and distribution of test kits and critical medical equipment for all.

Furthermore, increasing production and ensuring the fair and equitable distribution of future therapies and vaccines to all parts of the world, including vulnerable populations, and articulating the immense benefits to make the treatment and vaccine to be produced a "global public good "

In the letter, the authorities welcome the commitment of the G20 leaders and support the humanitarian call of the United Nations General Secretariat, but emphasize that "no world entity covers the medical, economic and political elements required to produce a vaccine. for all who need it. "

In this sense, they point out, the road must be built on the work of the World Health Organization and they appeal to the World Bank Group, the International Monetary Fund, the Red Cross and the Red Crescent movement, scientists already private pharmaceutical companies, among others, to join forces and create a global alliance.

The authors of this initiative acknowledge "that this multi-stakeholder alliance will not be easy to build or manage," but they are convinced that it is time to try, he says.

The appeal concludes by stressing that, in the face of the coronavirus, everyone in the world is equally vulnerable, but "we must work together to overcome it."

For this reason, they say, it is necessary to "internationalize the development, manufacture and distribution of treatments and vaccines", because only by combining knowledge and efforts will a solution be found in human ingenuity.


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