The president of Colombia asks for forcefulness to the special prosecutor of the Odebrecht case

The president of Colombia asks for forcefulness to the special prosecutor of the Odebrecht case

The president of Colombia, Iván Duque, today asked the special prosecutor of the Odebrecht case, Leonardo Espinosa Quintero, to work "with all the rigor" and "the necessary forcefulness" but also avoiding "spectacle justice".

"We hope that you will act with all the rigor and forcefulness, but also avoiding show justice and the politicization of it," said the president in the act of possession of Espinosa, dean of the Faculty of Law of the Universidad Sergio Grove.

Duque also asked him to exercise his position "with the attitude of the good jurist", which considers "is pronounced through legal instruments rather than through microphones", and that applies "rigorously the law and in attachment and follow-up to the probative stock ".

For that reason, he was convinced that "he will be able to clarify the facts" related to the case, something about what he considers "there is a great expectation among the Colombian people."

In this sense, Duque reminded Espinosa that the figure of the ad hoc prosecutor "is exceptional" for a "also exceptional responsibility".

"You are a person with all the ethical, professional and academic conditions of your own to exercise the responsibility of looking after the interests of the country, to be able to make a rigorous, accurate and implacable investigation for the cases that are delivered to you by the Supreme Court. of Justice (CSJ) ", underlined Duque.

The president of the CSJ, José Luis Barceló, the court that elected the ad hoc prosecutor from a list sent by President Duque, said in a press conference that Espinosa will direct the investigations into "the three issues that were analyzed by the Court in its moment".

The magistrate added that in the next few hours Espinosa will file with the Secretariat of the CSJ the documents required for his possession and after that the court, "taking advantage of a quorum," will confirm it in the position.

The Odebrecht scandal flared up last month after Noticias Uno issued an interview recorded in August with engineer Jorge Enrique Pizano, a key witness in the case, in which he said Colombian Attorney General Néstor Humberto Martínez had known since 2015, before being in office, the irregularities of the Brazilian firm.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, the bribes paid by Odebrecht in the country to obtain the Ruta del Sol II highway contract, where Pizano worked as auditor on behalf of the Aval Group, amounted to 84,000 million pesos (approximately 28.35 million pesos). Dollars).


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