May 11, 2021

The President of Argentina asks that queues not be repeated in front of the banks

The President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, presented a schedule of bank payments for this Saturday in order to “never repeat itself” yesterday’s situation, when there were long lines of elderly people in front of the branches to collect their pensions in between of the isolation that the country lives.

“Retirees and the neediest siblings are our priority. In the midst of a pandemic, collecting a retirement or a state benefit cannot become a health risk. That is inadmissible,” he posted on Twitter, where he highlighted his order to that “the situation of yesterday does not repeat itself”, when the banks opened for the first time since the compulsory isolation began on March 20.

According to the schedule, presented after it was learned that the banks will remain open during the weekend, they will only be able to go to the entities “retired and pensioners whose documents end in 0 and 1”, and warned that he asked for “the collaboration of the mayors and their police officers to preserve order. ”

“Continuing to respect quarantine and preserving distance in public space is an obligation that we have. Our greatest adults are those who face the greatest risk. It is our duty to take care of them and protect them. I will demand that no one neglect them. .

The president described yesterday’s situation as an “explosion” and stressed that “nobody foresaw that all those retirees were going to appear.”

“Yesterday an explosion was generated. I called those responsible and asked how this happened. No one expected that all those retirees were going to appear,” he said in a dialogue with Radio Miter.

In the same interview, he referred to the end of the mandatory isolation by the coronavirus, scheduled for next Sunday, although he announced that “it depends on how things evolve.”

“There are cases that will have to continue in quarantine, surely the boys will continue without going to school, the public administration will continue to work remotely, and the older adults will continue,” he concluded.


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