February 27, 2021

The president of Andalusia presents a "stimulus program" for self-employed

The president of Andalusia presents a "stimulus program" for self-employed


The president of Andalusia, Juan Manuel Moreno, presented on Monday a «Stimulus program» with tax rebates and of support for the self-employed, which it intends to be a "revulsion and an incentive" for the creation of companies that will put the region at the forefront of job creation.

In this sense, he has added his will to «support self-employed workers that are already working and encourage anyone who is thinking about starting a business and moving everyone can, is owed and we will create jobs. Moreno has made these affirmations at the opening of a course on entrepreneurship organized by the National Federation of Autonomous Associations (ATA) as part of the summer courses of El Escorial.

Thus, the president of Andalusia has stressed that the Official Gazette of the Junta de Andalucía (BOJA) publishes a package of measures on Monday, a "stimulus program", with an "important" reduction in fiscal pressure, a simplification of bureaucratic procedures and new measures to support the self-employed.

Among the measures of the aforementioned plan, Moreno has detailed that the bonus of the self-employed quotas is extended from one to two years, who must pay only the reduced fee of 60 euros during the first 24 months of operation of your company.

It is also established a "super reduced" fee of € 30 for 2 years for entrepreneurs under 30 years and for rural women who want to establish themselves as autonomous. In addition, the new norm has established measures such as the guaranteed and advance payment of the 100% of the aid granted and a reduction of the bureaucracy and "paperwork" necessary to start a business.

These changes have a cost calculated at 28,800 million euros, an investment that will increase to 41 million euros in the regional budgets of 2019, underlined Moreno.

For the Andalusian president, it is an "absolutely pioneering rule" that demonstrates the «Trust and support of the Board, without any doubt, to self-employed workers», with which "Andalusia is placed at the head of the communities that most support the self-employed".

With this package of measures "we want to put at the center of the economic activity the employing culture and the fundamental and key role of the self-employed" in the economy of the region, said Moreno, who says he does not have forecasts of how many companies could be created. root of these measures.

«More than 3,000 companies»

However, the president recalled that, only in the month of May, they have been created «More than 3,000 companies», which "is a very important fact, which puts us at the head of the creation of companies in Spain".

Moreno also pointed out that, in his five months in office, he has already reduced «25% administrative gymkhana» what it means to brand a company and circumvent the existing "regulatory maze".

This impulse to simplify the bureaucracy «Just started», to the point that the Andalusian president plans to "clarify, simplify or repeal" rules and administrative procedures up to 50 percent in the middle of the term.

In Andalusia "we were very Pained with words and very hungry for facts, and finally, since five months ago we are promoting reforms and support to create a much more favorable climate for entrepreneurship and the creation of companies, "he concluded.

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