The President of Algeria asks citizens for more discipline

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboun urged citizens to be "disciplined" to help curb the spread of the coronavirus, which, to date, has killed 44 people in the country and in which there are 716 infected.

"What we lack is not the means or the funds, but discipline. People must respect preventive measures and medical advice," Tebboun said on state television before confirming that the government is still capable of handling the situation, despite of a fall in the prices of hydrocarbons, the main engine of the country's economy.

The president recalled that they were "the first to react, even before the European countries", citing in this regard the closure of schools, universities and mosques, while announcing that this closure will be extended for more days, without specifying until when.

In addition, he revealed that Algeria has asked China for 100 million surgical masks and 30,000 virus detection kits.

"We have enough capacity to deal with the crisis," Tebboun said, adding that when it comes to food, the country "has reserves for at least five months. There is no reason to panic."

Following the announcement of the first coronavirus cases, Algerians rushed to buy food, particularly semolina and flour in large quantities to prevent quarantine.


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