April 14, 2021

The premieres of the week on Prime Video, Netflix, Movistar + and HBO – La Provincia

With the premiere of the last season of "Orange Is The New Black", we started this last week of this hot July; ideal to stay at home and not run into the heat wave ahead.

It also finally arrives "The boys", this series of Amazon Prime Video which reveals another type of superheroes, not the "Deadpool" style, but rather somewhat corrupt heroes who misuse their powers and to whom we must set limits.

The Comic-Con of San Diego, United States, has brought us the first trailer of "Star Trek: Picard", to quench the wait for the premiere of the series scheduled for early 2020 by Amazon Prime Video.

Three premieres that fit perfectly in this cyberspace news in which we live. "The great hacking", a documentary about the information on the web; "Share" a movie about the consequences of viral videos; Y "Other life", a more fanciful series about life on other planets.

Other movies like "Boi" and "Alita, Battle Angel" premiere streaming billboard this week, along with a tough series "Who killed Garrett Phillips?", which tells the entire judicial process about the murder of an 11-year-old boy in the United States.

Don't forget to point out that the subscription to Amazon Prime It includes among others the streaming platform.

In addition, Amazon Prime Video presents a free 30-day offer to learn more about what it offers for 36 euros a year.

New seasons

Orange is the New Black, seventh season

Finally it was time to see how Piper is doing in freedom. Will he miss Alex? Will there be a reunion outside the jail?

We also have to see how they will react Cindy and Suzanne facing the return of Taystee to the prison and many other things that the final season will bring; of this audiovisual best-seller, between drama and comedy, created by Jenji Kohan based on another auotbiographical best-seller about Kerman's real experiences.

A series that will surely leave us with more than one reflection on the American prison system, sexual repression, abuse of power, police corruption and lesbianism.

In Spain it opens for Move + on July 26, while the rest can enjoy it on the Netflix screen; being available for Spain on this streaming platform from next year. (See in Movistar +)


The big hack

Surely you have already noticed, that every time you look for something on the Internet, then you see it reflected in the commercials.

This documentary shows us something already known to everyone: how information management is today one of the most important assets of the market. Of course, it also shows how this information is manipulated and used as a weapon to handle users and even to free political wars.

As a starting point in the well-known scandal between Cambridge Analytica and Facebook; premieres on July 24 by Netflix. (Watch on Netflix)

Who killed Garrett Phillips?

In 2011, a story moves the United States: a 12-year-old boy is killed in New York City. All suspicions point to "Nick" Hillary, a coach of african american football which also had been the boyfriend of the mother of Garrett.

This documentary explores and analyzes the whole story behind the case, from the beginning of the investigation to the Hillary trial, five years after the boy's crime.

He trains on July 24 at HBO Spain. (See on HBO Spain)

Premiere series

The boys

Corruption and abuse do not always subscribe to the real world, there is a world of media superheroes who abuse their powers to make their own, and not just good.

"Boys" (hence his name) will be the responsible for "stopping their feet" to those abuses and to watch that the heroes use with good reasons their super powers; for this they will take any measure, however extreme.

Based on the comics of The New York Times by Ennis and Robertson, and with the styling of Doom Patrol's own genre, it premieres on Wednesday, July 26 on Amazon Prime Video. (Watch on Amazon Prime Video)

Other life

Astronaut Niko Breckinridgand, together with their young crew, they are involved in the first interstellar mission, when they are charged with exploring the origin of a seemingly alien artifact that has landed on earth.

Along with the mission, Niko's husband will try to make contact with the rare unidentified object.

This science fiction thriller, discover the wonder of life before the universe and reveals what we are capable of doing to protect our loved ones. It opens on July 25 on Netflix. (Watch on Netflix)

Star Trek: Picard

For those of us who can't get off the Entreprise, and while we fight the anxiety of this new series that will have a premiere date in 2020, we can see the recent trailer presented at the San Diego Comic-Con.

In this installment we will see Captain Jean-Luc Picard, embodied as it could not be otherwise by Sir Patrick Stewart, 18 years after Star Trek Nemesis and deeply affected by the destruction of Romulus, as shown in the 2009 film.

Along with Stewart, the cast will include Isa Briones, Santiago Cabrera, Michelle Hurd, Alison Pill, Harry Treadaway and Evan Evagora. The series produced by CBS Television Studios and other associated producers will be released in early 2020 in our country on Amazon Prime Video. (Watch on Amazon Prime Video)


Alita, Battle Angel

Remake of the classic anime of the year 1993, where Alita wakes up in the future without remembering who she is, without even knowing where she is and in a cyborg body.

Ido, a compassionate and dedicated doctor, will try to protect her from her past while Alita learns to adapt to the dangerous city of Iron city.

For her part, her friend Hugo will help her unearth the memories of the past, which will give Alita the clue about her unique combat skills and help her fight, against the deadly and corrupt forces of the city that persecute her .

It opens on July 24 in Movistar +. (See in Movistar +)


While he looks forward to his girlfriend's decision on a life-changing issue, this 27-year-old starts as a private driver.

On your first trip, must accompany Michael and Gordon, Two Asian businessmen recently arrived in Barcelona, ​​with the aim of closing in 48 hours a mysterious agreement of vital importance. As a result of this three-day adventure, Boi will rethink much of his life.

This enigmatic thriller with black dyes from Barcelona and "Nouvelle Vague", premieres on July 24 on Movistar + and on July 26 on Netflix. (Watch on Netflix)


Mandy, a teenager in her senior year of high school, discovers after a night of partying, that some videos of her that show her naked and semi-unconscious They have become viral.

With his life in chaos and unable to recover his routine because of the videos, his friends will try to do everything possible to get everything back to normal, while his parents press him to take action on his own with what happened .

For Mandy, close that episode without knowing who and how it has been, it will be impossible.

This thriller, adaptation to the feature film of Pippa Bianco, premieres on July 28 on HBO Spain. (See on HBO Spain)

Other premieres to aim:

Amazon Prime Video

  • A Vigilante (2019), July 27
  • After Darkness (2018), July 28
  • Dino Dan, season 3, July 26
  • Ghost in the Shell (2017), July 26
  • Hellboy (2019), July 23
  • Serenity (2019), July 23


  • Blade Runner 2049 (2017), July 27
  • Men on a mission, season 1, July 23
  • Girls with Balls (2018), July 26
  • Home, season 4, July 22
  • Criminal minds (2016), July 29
  • Heidi: Welcome home, season 1, July 25
  • The adventures of the cat in boots, season 5, July 26


  • Outlander, season 5, July 26
  • Chocolat (2000), July 26
  • Kill Them Softly (2012), July 26
  • The talent of Mr. Ripley (1999), July 26
  • Rank (2011), July 26

Movistar +

  • The pursuit of happiness (2017), July 22
  • Giant Little Ones (2018), July 23
  • Meeting Astrid (2018), July 24
  • The stillness (2018), July 24
  • Dumbo (2019), July 24
  • What do you play with? (2019), July 25
  • Prospect (2018), July 25
  • The Shadow of the Past (2018), July 26
  • Critters To the attack! (2019), July 26
  • My ex's wedding (2018), July 26
  • Ralph Breaks Internet (2018), July 26
  • The literary society and the potato peel pie (2018), July 27
  • File 64 (The cases of Department Q) (2018), July 28

Platforms and prices:

  • Amazon Prime Video: 1 month trial € 3 per month.
  • Movistar +: 1 month trial. Offer of € 14.9 per month for 12 months.
  • Netflix: 7 days trial. From € 7.99 per month.
  • HBO: 1 month trial. € 7.99 per month.

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