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We started the month of October with important news on our television on demand. New seasons and premiere series assure us of entertainment this week and the following.

The series that arrive with new seasons are:

- 'Goliath ', which with its third installment will stir in the past of our protagonist.
- 'Peaky Blinders' The fifth season is about us where Tommy will seek to reach political power.
- The second season of 'In the dark' maintains an argument full of time jumps.
- And to put the touch of humor a week comes the third installment of the series'The young Sheldon ', the prequel to 'The Big Bang Theory' with more adventures of Dr. Cooper.

As for the two premieres of streaming series for this week we find 'The godfather of Harlem ', with his New York gangsters, and 'Educate a superhero', With a somewhat supernatural child.

The one who also returns this week to the screen to delight his millions of fans is the Dr. House. The mythical series returns from the hand of Amazon Prime Video, which makes available to users all seasons of the series (eight), broadcast between 2004 and 2012.

If it's documentaries, we can say that there is something for everyone:

- 'Undocumented ', a very current drama that tells the life of immigrants without papers in the United States.
- 'The look of Orson Welles', an interior 'survey' of the director through his sketches and drawings.
- 'Gary Gulman: The great downturn', which seeks to remove the stigma of depression through humor and the humorist's own experiences.

Regarding movies, 'Millennium: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger'comes to Amazon Prime Video. A new installment of the super best seller saga in which its protagonist turns to save the world.

In Movistar we find a biopic to all Soviet rock from the hand of 'Leto'. On Netflix it stands out 'In the tall grass', a film by the horror master Stephen King. And on HBO, 'The passenger'starring the great Liam Neeson.

Those with Amazon Prime, remember that the subscription includes the streaming platform. And if you do not have it, Amazon Prime Video offers you a free 30-day offer to learn more about what it offers for 36 euros a year.

New seasons

'Goliath', third season

A series whose main character is nothing more and nothing less than Billy Bob Thornton, winner of an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

In this third season Billy is surprised the death of an old friend, which will take you to a case in Central Valley, a place affected by drought where you will see them closely with a new Goliath, a billionaire rancher and his sister.

Apparently, as Billy McBride and his team pursue the truth, many enemies and demons inside the protagonist become more present than ever.

It opens on October 4 on Amazon Prime Video

'Peaky Blinders', fifth season

Located in the context of a Great Britain that is recovering from the despair of the Great War and whose inhabitants survive as they can at criminal gangs and economic shocks.

Affected by the crisis of 29, the Shelby seek new ways of business, getting involved in drug trafficking. For his part, Tommy puts all his efforts into achieving political power.

This season that has just ended its broadcast by the BBC, will be available as of October 4 on Netflix.

'Young Sheldon', third season

For those of us who are still touched by the end of 'The Big Bang Theory', not only do we have the good news that little Sheldon premieres third season, but we also know that there will be a fourth.

Directed by Jon Favreau and written by Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro, the series focuses on Sheldon as a child. Here we will find protagonists of so many of the stories that Dr. Cooper has been telling his group of scientist-friends during the 12 seasons that brought them together in Big Bang.

The third season of the spin-off of 'The Big Bang Theory' opens on October 3 in Movistar +.

'In the dark', second season

In this new season the German series has eight episodes, two less than the first installment, in addition to new characters.

And so as not to miss your habit, crazy jumps in time who live with open fronts on Winden, Michael's suicide or what Father Noah is up to.

Each chapter of the horror anthology is inspired by a vacation. A saga with a supernatural touch, but without resorting to the classic special effects of science fiction.

Fear will touch our screens from October 5 on HBO.

Premiere series

'The Godfather of Harlem'

As a prequel to the movie Ridley Scott released in 2007, 'American Gangster ', the series stars Forest whitaker Y Vicent D´Onofrio, who move through the slums of the New York Harlem of the 60s.

Bumpy johnson, a criminal recently released from prison, wants to regain control of the streets that are in the hands of the dangerous Genovese family, led by Vicent Gigante.

HBO premieres its godfather as of September 30.

'Educate a superhero'

A woman has all the difficulties to raise her son alone after the death of her husband. The peculiarity is that this mother's problems they are the root of the super powers that the little one develops.

To top it off, you must deal with the government, always on the hunt for any special power that allows you to win supernatural battles.

A mixture between science fiction and family drama, which opens on October 4 on Netflix.


For those who want to see the sarcastic genius of medicine again, or for those who have not yet had the pleasure of having coincided with House and his team, Amazon makes available on its streaming platform lEight full seasons.

Remember that this doctor, a specialist in the treatment of diseases difficult to diagnose, has his own way of attending to his patients: Just don't deal with them.

That task is left to his team of "lackeys", as he calls them many times, who are responsible for the analytics and listening to the sick.

Dr. House, a blackboard in between, is simply responsible for unraveling diseases that seem impossible, putting his dear Dr. Cuddy and his dear friend Dr. Wilson in check.

We can relive the diagnoses Since the 1st of october in Amazon Prime Video.



Produced by Selena Gomez and directed by Aaron Saidman and Anna Chai, tells the different stories of people who come to the United States in search of the american dream, but with the disadvantage of not having papers.

The dangers to which they are exposed and the difficulty of managing day-to-day irregularly, in the testimony of eight families who, despite everything, decide to expose themselves to the cameras to show the harsh reality in which they live.

It can be seen on Netflix from October 2.

'The look of Orson Welles'

Through his drawings and sketches, recently found in a New York warehouseMark Cousins ​​tries to delve into the deepest feelings and thoughts of the director of 'Citizen Kane'.

Cousins ​​focuses on Welles' interest in the passage of time, political awareness and the evolution of his progressive thinking, as well as an approach to what Cousins ​​calls the "visual thinking" of the filmmaker.

Build the story through Welles' drawings, the passages of his films and the images of Cousins' travel books, where a study of the Wellesian archetypes will not be missing.

Premieres October 6 in Movistar +.

'Gary Gulman: The great downturn'

Starring by himself Gary Gulman, this documentary with comedy tones talks about mental health problems in a moving and stimulating way, while fun.

The main objective is de-stigmatize the difficult issue of depression, addressing it from humor and personal experience.

Because Gulman knows exactly what he is talking about, after spending years trying to hide his depression from the closest people while embarking on long, and sometimes radical, treatments.

By talking about his own problems, he hopes to help others feel more comfortable, less scared and less alone.

It can be seen on HBO starting October 6.


'Millennium: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger'

Before the plot is a bit incongruous with respect to the other films in the series, let us remind you that this is the first of the deliveries that is not based on a novel of Stieg larsson.

Lisbeth Salander goes from being a justice hacker who solves serial murders and takes revenge on abusers, to save the world from a nuclear disaster. There are no situations of violence or sexual load, and our detective loses a little of her psychological depth that distinguishes her from any other secret agent.

An effective thriller, with persecutions, fights and shootings, but whose argument is far from previous deliveries.

It can be seen Since the 1st of october in Amazon Prime Video.


It is not the typical biopic we are used to. The Russian filmmaker Kirill Serebrennikov It combines the groundbreaking and revolutionary aspect of its protagonists in a musical context unknown to many.

With the background atmosphere of the repressive Soviet Union of the 80s, a group of musicians and dreamers commanded by Viktor Tsoi try to find a place in a world that seems to have no place for them.

Complex personalities that end up evidencing a self-esteem that perfectly matches the egos of the artist who stars in this documentary.

Premieres September 30th in Movistar +.

'In the tall grass'

An adaptation of the short story of Stephen King and Joe Hill, directed by Vincenzo Natali and that he will have the honor of inaugurating the next Sitges Festival.

Two brothers listen to the cry of a child coming from the tall grass (an uncut lawn field) and decide to come to their aid exposing themselves to the danger involved and how difficult it is to leave the field.

This film, shooting series B, can be seen on Netflix as of October 4.

'The passenger'

A normal man with ordinary worries, this is how this film shows the great Liam Neeson, to whom a woman offers one hundred thousand dollars if she manages to find a hidden passenger before the last stop.

Of course, Neeson does not realize until the moment of taking the money, that he is actually being the victim of a perverse blackmail, in which, if he does not fulfill his mission, his wife will pay the consequences.

Premieres on October 4 by HBO Spain.

Other premieres to aim:

Amazon Prime Video

'Creed II' (2018), October 1.
'Huesca, beyond a dream' (TV Series), October 2.

'The Addams Family' (1991), September 30.
'The Addams Family: Tradition continues' (1993), September 30.
'Monstrous' (2010), September 30.
'Arthur and the revenge of Maltazard' (Infant), October 1.
'Barbie and her sisters in a history of ponies' (Infant), October 1.
'Barbie and the secret door' (Children's), October 1.
'Barbie and the magic shoes' (Children's), October 1.
'Barbie: A perfect Christmas' (Children's), October 1.
'Barbie Mariposa and the Fairy Princess' (Infant), October 1.
'Barbie: The Pearl Princess' (Infant), October 1.
'Barbie: The princess and the pop star' (Infantil), October 1.
'The Amazing World of Gumball' (Children's Series), October 1.
'The demon under the skin' (2010), October 1.
'Mister Magorium and his magic shop' (Children's), October 1.
'A better life' (2011), October 1.
'Killers' (2010), October 4.
'The Happos family' (Children's Series), October 4.
'Michael Clayton' (2007), October 4.
'Saw VIII' (2017), October 4.

Movistar +

'Border' (2018), October 1
'Cold Blood Legacy' (2019), October 1
'Saw VIII' (2017), October 1
'Bomb City' (2017), October 2
'The tobacco seller' (2018), October 2
'Mr. Link The lost origin '(2019), October 2
'Dilili in Paris' (2018), October 3
'Inuyashiki' (2'18), October 3
'We need your vote' (20189, October 3
'All to one' (2018), October 3
'10 days without mom '(2019), October 3
'Under the same roof' (2019), October 4
'The wild pear tree' (2018), October 4
'Tolkien' (2019), October 4
'Punk' (Documentary), October 4
'Welcome to Marwen' (2018), October 5
'The Blacklist' (Series), October 5
'Sorry to Bother You' (2018), October 6


'Mo Gilligan: Momentum' (Series), September 30
'Carmen Sandiego' (Series), October 1
'Nikki Glaser: Bangin' (Series), October 1
'Silverado' (1985), October 1
'Single' (2019), October 2
'Six hands' (2019), October 3
'Big Mouth' (Series), October 4
'With goosebumps' (Series), October 4
'Between dynasties: The new era' (Series), October 4
'Peaky Blinders' (Series), October 4
'Rot' (Documentary), October 4
'Rotten' (Documentary Series), October 4
'Supermonstruos' (Children's Series), October 4
'Supermonstruos: The first Halloween of Life' (Children's Series), October 4
'Legend Quest: Masters of Myth' (Series), October 5

Platforms and prices

Amazon Prime Video: 1 month trial € 3 per month.
Movistar +: 1 month trial Offer of € 14.9 per month for 12 months.
Netflix: 7 day trial From € 7.99 per month.
HBO: 1 month trial € 7.99 per month.

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