The premiere of LeBron James in Los Angeles ends in fight and defeat of the Lakers | sports

The premiere of LeBron James in Los Angeles ends in fight and defeat of the Lakers | sports

The premiere of Lebron James in the Staples Center with the Lakers jersey ended badly. A fight between several players of the Rockets and the Californian team in the last quarter caused the expulsions of Chris Paul, Brandon Ingram and Rajon Rondo. The Lakers lost by 115-124. It was their second defeat after which they harvested in their first meeting of the Portland season 128-119.

The Rockets, one of the big favorites of the title, won the Staples in a match that was very close, 108-109, when the incident occurred. "It's unacceptable," he said. Carmelo Anthony, who has signed this season for the Rockets. "We all know what happened. It should not have happened. " After a flagrant foul by Ennis a Hart, the referees pointed to a foul by Ingram when he was marking Harden. It was just over four minutes before the end and it was when the massive fight broke out. In the midst of the tumult, Chris Paul he put a finger on Rondo's face. Ingram made several punches, although several players stopped him and LeBron James tried to stop and appease Chris Paul, who, in addition to being a rival, is also his friend. Paul alleged that Rondo had previously spat on him. The Rockets dominated the end of the game with a partial 18-26 in the fourth quarter.

LeBron added 24 points, five rebounds, five assists, two steals and a stoppage in the 39 minutes he was on the court. He returned to fail in the triples, with only one hit in seven shots, and managed a 9 of 22 in field goals. The public was overturned at the premiere of the King in the Staples. "The atmosphere was extraordinary," said LeBron. "The fans were very animated. We gave everything we could. I hope we can give more with a victory. "

The Rockets based their triumph on the effectiveness of their stellar trio. James Harden added 36 points and seven rebounds; Chris Paul, 28 points, seven rebounds and 10 assists and Clint Capela, 19 points and 12 rebounds. Carmelo Anthony, coming off the bench, only scored one of the seven triples he threw and finished with seven points and 10 rebounds in 29 minutes. The Lakers, like in the first game, did not do well in the 3-pointers (25% accuracy). McGee, with 16 points, Rondo, with 13 points, seven rebounds and 10 assists, and Lonzo Ball, with 14 points, six rebounds and four assists, were the most outstanding in the attempt to support LeBron.

Luka Doncic He became the star of the game that Dallas won against Minnesota (140-136). The 19-year-old Slovenian player, in his second match in the NBA, exhibited his extraordinary quality and scored 26 points, with 4 of 9 in triples and 8 of 16 in field goals, plus six rebounds, three assists and two steals. and a stopper in the 36 minutes he played. The ex-player of Real Madrid overcame his discreet premiere in Phoenix.

Doncic, before Towns and Gibson.
Doncic, before Towns and Gibson. AP

Dennis Smith Jr. scored the last six points for the Mavericks after Taj Gibson managed to tie at 134 with 28 seconds left before the end. Along with Doncic, the Mavericks based their triumph on DeAndre Jordan's 22 points and 10 rebounds. Dennis Smith Jr., Matthews and Powell each scored 19 points. JJ Barea added 12 points and 11 assists. The Mavericks threw 50 triples and scored 17. The best for Minnesota were Towns, with 31 points; Derrick Rose, with 28; and Teague, with 22 points and nine assists.

Toronto won in Washington (113-117). Serge Ibaka He came from the bench and contributed 16 points and nine rebounds. Kyle Lowry led the Raptors with 28 points and 12 assists. Jonas Valanciunas got 16 points. The Raptors have three wins while the Wizards have lost the games they have played. Beal, with 32 points, and John Wall, with 25, were the best against Toronto.

The Celtics beat the Knciks in New York (101-103). Gordon Hayward, who follows a protocol after the injury that prevented him from playing last season, rested against the Knicks. Jayson Tatum, with 24 points and 14 rebounds, and Kyrie Irving and Marcus Morris, with 16 points each, excelled in the Boston team. For the Knicks, highlighted Hardaway, with 24 points, and Kanter, with 17 points and 15 rebounds.

The triumph of Charlotte in Miami was also very tight (112-113). Kemba Walker reached 39 points; Monk, 15; Marvin Williams, 13; Y Willy Hernangómez, eight points and eight rebounds in 12 minutes. Miami was about to come back. He did not get it despite the 21 points from Wade, the 20 from Dragic and the 19 from McGruder. The Spurs lost in Portland (121-108). Pau Gasol He played 17 minutes and scored 10 points, four rebounds and two assists. Denver beat Phoenix (119-91). Juancho Hernangómez He had 15 minutes of play in which he scored two points and six rebounds.

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