The Premier, against the European Super League

The Premier, against the European Super League

"In England football plays an important role, in our culture and in our daily lives," says the statement signed by the 20 clubs of the Premier League against the European Super League and in defense of their competition and their fans. "All clubs agree that it is not appropriate for European football bodies to create plans that alter the structures, timing and competitiveness of national football and will work together to protect the Premier League," the statement said.

The local fans, so forgotten in other championships in which the sale of television rights is prioritized overseas, are one of the main concerns of Premier clubs. "Millions of fans attend matches across the country, with loyalties and local rivalries that are often handed down from generation to generation, we have a fantastic combination of competitive football and committed fans that we will vigorously defend," the English clubs insist.

The Premier is opposed to the changes planned in the Champions from the season 2024/25, which is expected more games and more weight in the calendar, which would eventually affect the national championships. For this they will work jointly with the FA (the English Federation) and the rest of the national leagues.


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