August 4, 2020

The precipitate "s want" in the hospital after a stroke – La Provincia

That of Peter it was one of the most surreal and hasty marriage requests known: in the middle of a stroke. Elena, holding his hand with the tremendous fright in his body, he couldn't say anything else. About to die and after 40 years of dating they went into a hurry to leave the relationship between them well tied. It was almost impossible with so much marriage paperwork, but they ran into the chaplain of the Guadarrama Hospital in Madrid.

He made no objection, helped them with all the paperwork and officiated the ceremony in the chapel, something unusual. There was no lack of family, friends or coworkers. The three children were the godparents, who also helped their father in a wheelchair. The wedding album is missing photos of a postponed honeymoon. "New York, Paris or Egypt? No hurry," he says. Now yes, marriage.

Pedro's strength and Elena's love are examples of love in good and evil.


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