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The precarious teachers, the drug of happiness and other nonsense

Los profesores precarios, la droga de la felicidad y otros disparates

The film is somewhat wild, and that's what the director and the actors liked the most when they agreed to enter the project.
I leave it when I want
. The idea was based on an Italian film produced by Mediaset five years ago and channeled here through the Spanish branch of the media group. But that "only remains the initial approach of a professor of chemistry that invents a powerful vitamin complex." Or rather it would be necessary to say a kind of drug of happiness in whose illegal commercialization collaborate other two precarious teachers.

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The inventor of the formula and group leader is David Verdaguer, whom we know especially for his applauded and award-winning dramatic performances in Estiu 1993 (Carla Simón) or 10,000 kilometers (Carlos Marqués-Marcet) and soon we will see in that same record in Els dies that vindran (M-Marcet) Here, Verdaguer is funny, even if he is "the most serious of the three," he says, "except when he gives me the rush."

The Catalan actor declares himself "happy" to show that he can make people laugh. The comedy is what he likes most in the world, he says. "It's the most fun and also the most demanding," he adds. And it points to a happy phrase attributed to Frank Capra: "The onion makes us cry. But the vegetable that makes us laugh has not yet been invented. "

I leave it when I want It is simply fun but not entirely innocent. The protagonists are not limited to playing and cheating with their new invention; they get involved in drug trafficking, with the help of Capo Tacho, who is played by Ernesto Alterio, and they find themselves involved in some major crime. "It is not a friendly comedy, and in this sense represents a step towards the acceptance of a daring humor," says Verdaguer in reference to the censorship and self-censorship that the doctrine of political correctness had been imposing in recent years.

Therón agrees. "Exactly, what attracted me the most about this proposal was the possibility of entering territories that were darker than the ones used lately. The white comedy no longer bores me, "he says.

The need to release humor, to remove obstacles and obstacles, is a very serious thing. The society is better when its members can laugh at everything and in fact they do it with a certain frequency, the filmmaker and the three actors agree.

Presentation in Madrid of the movie 'I leave when I want'.

Presentation in Madrid of the movie 'I leave when I want'.
(Eduardo Parra / EP)

In this sense, the lack of sense of humor of our politicians is a bad sign, says Therón. On the one hand, because "without humor there is no intelligence, and vice versa". And, on the other hand, because power shows its worst face, the most foolish, when pursuing humor to interpret it as "a loss of respect for authority." From there to authoritarianism there is only one step. But the antidote can only be one: more humor, more comedy.

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