March 1, 2021

The PRC reiterates its vote in favor of Sánchez and suggests negotiating "from scratch"

The PRC spokesman, José María Mazón, announced on Thursday that he will reiterate his vote in favor of the investiture of the PSOE candidate for president of the government and has suggested Pedro Sánchez to resume negotiations with his possible allies "from scratch" to Avoid elections

During his speech in the investiture plenary session, Mazón said he was "satisfied with the work done these months" between his training and the PSOE – partners in the Cantabrian government – and said that, although he knows that his vote was not decisive, he wanted Give your "moral support" to the candidate.

"I want to say that many of the others (parties) have also not shown great willingness to want to have a government," he said, adding that "it is necessary to start negotiations from scratch."

Mazón said that "there are still two months for a new attempt" and for everyone to "rethink their position", something that they see fit because citizens want them to be "flexible."

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