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The Prado Museum expands its collection with 11 works by Hans Rudolf Gerstenmaier

Born in Hamburg (Germany) on September 9, 1934, he made commercial studies in his country. In his first years he worked in an office of the Swiss firm Brown, Boveri & Cie, dedicated to the development of engines.

He arrived in Spain in 1962, traveling from Germany and to Barcelona by hitchhiking and "with 1,000 pesetas in his pocket", convinced that in our country he could "conquer the world", as the businessman himself explained.

He first represented the well-known MAN truck company, succeeding in 1964 to found his own company in our country, which in a few years came to have a significant sales volume, 150 employees and 30 delegations in Spain.

It was in the 70s when he began his collection, which he did not want to disclose the number of works. However, he did point out: "the paintings should never be hidden in a house".

In gratitude for the welcome he received in our country, the businessman has donated eleven works to the Museo del Prado, among which are those by artists such as Darío de Regoyos, Ignacio Zuloaga, Joaquín Mir and Juan de Echevarría, who come to fill in "some shortcomings "of the Prado with respect to this period, according to has indicated the president of the Board, Javier Solana.

In addition to the works of these painters, other authors are also included, such as Joaquín Sorolla, Aureliano Beruete and Agustín de Riancho.

De Regoyos includes 'Surroundings of Brussels' and 'El pino de Béjar', samples of two different stages of initiation and maturity; Zuloaga is present with 'Una manola', with influences from El Greco, while Anglada-Camarasa is represented with 'Interior de un café-concert'; Mir ('Torre Solà Montornès'), Chicharro ('Indian Bayaderas') and Juan de Echevarría ('Gypsy Family' and 'Mariquiña de Valle-Inclán') complete the donation.

"Collecting is the most beautiful thing to have, but you have to be very careful because you can poison yourself," said Gerstenmaier, who also made a reference to the importance of the European Union. "I took advantage of his potential and I think he is at the feet of young people, to give them opportunities." In the same 'pro-European' line Solana himself has shown, who has highlighted that this donation is the result of "a European who has come to Spain to give his paintings to another European museum".

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