Sat. Aug 17th, 2019

The Prado launches its own 'Netflix' to showcase its best 'movies'

El Prado lanza su propio ‘Netflix’ para mostrar sus mejores ‘películas’

The Meadow has just launched its own audiovisual platform. Your own Netflix, so to speak. Within the activities of Bicentennial From its foundation, the Madrid gallery has recovered and opened to the public, through its website, hundreds of audiovisual archives that cover its last hundred years. It is the graphic and filmic history of the museum through cinema, television and NODE of the Francoist stage, basically.

The project arises from a collaboration agreement of the Prado with Film archive Española and Radio Televisión Española, RTVE. The file starts with 300 records among which the entity's own address, with Miguel Falomir to the front, highlights pieces such as:

The official visit of Eva Perón ...

The James Stewart walk ...

The unpublished documentary Introduction to the Museo del Prado (1985) by Basilio Martín Patino ...

Separate chapter deserves the RTVE series Look at a picture, where figures such as Rafael Alberti, Camilo José Cela and Francisco Umbral comment on a work of art. The intervention of Cela at the end of the program about The dressed pestle of Goya has no waste.

The fund also has films shot in the halls or around the museum, with celebrities like Rita
Hayworth, Rex Harrison, Tony Leblanc, Aurora Bautista or Concha Velasco. Films directed by Antonio Mercero, Orson Welles or George Marshall, among others.

Some of the films deal specifically with painting, in the case of Crazy loves, by Beda Docampo Feijóo, in which a vigilant from the Prado room becomes obsessed with a flamenco painting in which she believes she is portrayed with her lover.

The creation of the Prado audiovisual fund is the institution's latest initiative within its strategy of opening to new audiences through the strategic exploitation of the web and new technologies, always in cooperation with other public and private entities.

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