April 18, 2021

The PP will submit an amendment to the quotation of the scholars

The PP will submit an amendment to the quotation of the scholars


The popular parliamentary group will present an amendment to the Social Security contribution of the practices of university and FP students "To avoid limiting their access to them and in many cases obtaining the title", as announced by his deputy Sandra Moneo.

It is the response of the popular to the controversy raised by the Royal Decree Law 28/2018 for the revaluation of public pensions and other urgent measures in social, labor and employment matters which, in its fifth provision, includes the contributions of "people who develop training programs and non-work-related and academic practices".

According to the new regulations, companies – in principle, although the obligation may also fall on universities – must pay a € 51.05 monthly fee for each student in non-work placements, whether paid or not, when until now there was only obligation to pay contributions when the practices were paid. For now, everything is to be specified and developed in a regulation over the next three months

This decision, in the words of the popular spokesperson, "Will limit the supply of companies and institutions", which could make it difficult for "students to obtain the degree, since in some cases the practices are compulsory to obtain the degree".

"This measure will affect 500,000 students», Underlined Moneo, who expressed his desire that this is not a measure with the intention of" making up the data that today represent a decrease of 606,473 members less to Social Security ".

In her speech during the appearance of Minister Celaá in the Education Commission of the Congress, the spokesperson of the GPP regretted «The commotion to which the Executive of the PSOE has submitted to the educational system Spanish for its commitment to approve a deeply ideological educational reform that involves a return to the failed LOE. "

To universities, companies and FP centers The new initiative approved by the Government has not been good enough for them to register all the beneficiaries in the Social Security, an average that has caught them off guard and totally by surprise.


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