The PP will return to Colón to protest against the pardons in a rally called by the Rosa Díez platform

The national leadership of the Popular Party has confirmed this Friday that the formation will support and participate in the rally against pardons for the independence prisoners scheduled for June 13 in the Plaza de Colón in Madrid and that it has been convened by Unión 78, a platform promoted by the ex-leader of UPyD, the ex-socialist Rosa Díez, the philosopher Fernando Savater or the ex-leader of the Basque PP, María San Gil, among others.

The next steps in the processing of the pardon to the leaders of the procés after the unfavorable and non-binding report of the Supreme

The next steps in the processing of the pardon to the leaders of the procés after the unfavorable and non-binding report of the Supreme

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The PP will return to Colón two years after the controversial protest to ask Pedro Sánchez to call elections that took place in February 2019 and which represented the first joint image - the so-called photo of Colón - of the leaders of the three right: Pablo Married, of the PP; Albert Rivera, from Ciudadanos, and Santiago Abascal, from Vox. That now cracked union was later materialized in the agreements of the three parties to govern in communities and municipalities.

The concentration on June 13 seeks to pressure the progressive government not to grant pardons to the prisoners convicted of the procés, and is framed within the harassment and takedown strategy launched by the three rights to try to overthrow Sánchez de la Moncloa considering that if he finally grants those prerogatives, he would be placing himself on the sidelines of the system, due to the rejection expressed by the Supreme Court or the Prosecutor's Office.

In a press release released through Twitter by Rosa Díez herself, who in November 2019 already asked for the vote for the PP and who does not hide her sympathy for some of Vox's postulates, the platform describes as "very serious "the" attacks by the Government and the parties that support it, including the separatists bent on destroying the Nation, on the division of powers and equality before the law, essential in any true democracy. "

That is the reason why they call on citizens to protest against "the progressive dismantling of State functions, reduced to mere support of an irresponsible and sectarian government that intends to suspend the Constitution." They consider that "blackmail" is becoming one more political procedure, something that they strongly reject, and proclaim that the pardons to the twelve convicted by the 'procés' "have no other purpose than to preserve the parliamentary majority to remain in La Moncloa at any price ".

"We reject the 'normalization' of injustice, the emptying of the Constitution and the attacks on the unity of the Spanish nation and the rule of law," they add. And for this reason, they ask that civil society "take to the streets to express its rejection of the undemocratic political drift imposed by those who have the obligation to defend the Constitution and union of the Spanish Nation." All this, observing "carefully all anticovid measures, respecting social distance and wearing a mask at all times."


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