July 29, 2021

The PP will propose to Cs and minority parties unity of action against Sánchez

The PP will propose to Cs and minority parties unity of action against Sánchez

The Popular Party will propose to Ciudadanos and the other constitutionalist parties that it has convened on Wednesday a unity of action against the Government of Pedro Sánchez and agree on a "road map" and a "shared" agenda of "strengthening the institutions."

This has been pointed out in a press conference by the secretary general of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, who has defended that it is Pablo Casado, as "president of the main party of Spain and leader of the opposition", the one who heads this initiative.

García Egea hopes that all the parties called -Ciudadanos, PAR, UPN, Canarian Coalition and Forum- attend this meeting so that said opposition front counts "with all the forces" and that these are "the best organized".

The popular will have, he said, several proposals, many of them shared by all these parties according to the secretary general.

Although García Egea has insisted in the press conference that Casado will be the one that will carry the "maximum representation", in the popular leadership they have not been able to confirm who will attend the meeting by the other parties, and the leader of the Citizens, Albert Rivera.

In any case defend that the PP is the leader of this block, as the party with the largest representation and with more time and space in Congress to defend policies that can be agreed.

In the press conference, Garcia Egea has insisted on asking for the unity of all these parties to face Pedro Sánchez when he wants to commit "any outrage to the Constitution."

"Beyond the wishes and opinions" that each one may have, he added, "above is Spain".


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