Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

The PP will only resort the decrees of the paternity and housing permit

El PP sólo recurrirá los decretos del permiso de paternidad y de la vivienda

The popular agree on the unemployment benefit for those over 52, also with measures to alleviate the consequences of Brexit and stevedoring. Also remember that the PP He had already started the procedures to increase paternity leave. "How can we not agree on all that," but the decrees laws approved by the Permanent Deputation of the Congress will go to constitutional Court, because "it is not about being in favor or against but the instrument used."

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For this reason, the PP will only resort to two of the five approved decrees, the one that refers to paternity leave and the one that modifies the rent regulations. The reason, that can not be sustained "the urgent need" required by the Constitution for the decrees laws, and that could exist in the case of benefits to those over 52 years of age, Brexit and stevedoring.

Anyway, the criticism of the PP for what has been called "decrees abertzales" continue, and the PP has found a vein to lash out against Sanchez, accentuating the aspects that Casado has always wanted to underline Sanchez, the connivance with the independence, "That it does not matter to him to sell Spain in pieces" in order to stay in power, which is what, according to popular opinion, Sánchez tries to "surrender to Otegi." The PP has moved the ember to its sardine and they consider their speech that Pedro Sánchez is "sold to the independentistas" and that if he wins the elections, this circumstance could be repeated.

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