February 25, 2021

The PP warns that a possible pact between PSOE and Podemos "could plunge Asturias into an unprecedented recession"

In a press release, the deputy spokesman of the Popular Parliamentary Group, Pablo González, has stated that "many of his proposals are authentic completely improvised occurrences for a negotiation that they did not even expect, or outdated measures that do not demand or worry in a degree some to the Asturians ".

González has insisted that, to this day, "continue betting on universal rents that are paid with everyone's taxes, or raise the collective management of communal properties, brings us back to stale debates about policies that have failed where they have been put in practice".

The deputy has been critical of the initiatives that the PSOE places at the center of its political negotiation with Podemos, "diffuse proposals, based on generalities or simple declarations of intent." "We believe that Asturias needs concrete, clear and defined initiatives that are articulated around strategic lines that, at least, allow us to converge with the rest of the Autonomous Communities," he explained.

In this sense, González has acknowledged that his party sees "with a lot of concern" that the Asturian Socialist Party "does not have its own policies for our industrial sector, and that everything is faithful", in reference to the electrointensive statute or the environmental tariff, "a the initiatives of a hypothetical central government of Pedro Sánchez ".

"Asturias needs its own industrial and business policies, which help improve the productivity and competitiveness of Asturian companies, guaranteeing greater legal security and reducing the high cost, which they have today, simply by operating from our region" , has emphasized.

He also expressed his concern at the "clamorous absence" of "clear" measures to face the demographic challenge. For this purpose, it has proposed studying tax credits and ending the digital divide.

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