The PP urges González Laya to explain the "confiscation" of respirators by Turkey: "He cannot surrender"

The Secretary of International Policy of the PP, Valentina Martínez, has urged this Saturday the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arancha González Laya, to offer explanations as soon as possible in Congress about the "confiscation" of respirators by Turkey and has stressed that "no he can give up in a negotiation in which he claims what is his. " In his opinion, what happened reflects the "tremendous weakness" of the Pedro Sánchez Executive, which is not up to the standards of the Spanish.

González Laya reported this Friday that the Turkish government has decided to keep a shipment of respirators that had been purchased by Spanish public administrations because it considers it a "priority" to treat cases of coronavirus that are emerging in the country.

The minister acknowledged that in recent days the Turkish Government "has been putting restrictions on exports of broad-spectrum medical devices" and added that what the Turkish Government has "guaranteed" to Spain is that "within a reasonable period of time, in some weeks ", the shipment of respirators will be made available to Spain again, although it did not specify an approximate date.


In statements to Europa Press, Martínez stressed that "the confiscation of the respirators by Turkey reflects the tremendous foreign weakness of the Government of Spain." "We need a strong government to defend Spain in difficult times. We need to recover as soon as possible the damaged image of Spain abroad," he emphasized.

The PP deputy has stated that her party cannot "tolerate the government giving up." "They are not up to the Spanish," he proclaimed, to add that the toilets and essential services work every day to the maximum of their forces and the Executive "cannot be less."

In his opinion, it is not worth saying "we have been able to get this far" because a country with more than 11,000 dead and 117,710 infected "cannot give up in a negotiation in which it claims what is its own." "It is a sign of intolerable weakness that does not reflect the character and strength of the Spanish. If this is how we negotiate what is ours with Turkey, how will we negotiate in the EU what we have to win? These are difficult times for those who it needs a strong and determined government to defend tooth and nail the interest of Spain, "he added.


The also PP spokesman in the Foreign Commission of the Congress has indicated that the international relations of Spain "are in a state of alarm" because "Spain has no weight in the world and Sánchez has no allies. For this reason, she has asked the Government for explanations. on what is happening with the neighbors and allies, since Morocco has also "used these days to publish in its BOE the expansion of its territorial waters."

"How can you steal our respirators on Friday? If the negotiation lasted 6 days, since last Saturday, why did the Government celebrate the arrival of material from Turkey so much on Wednesday? What has happened in these 6 days of negotiation? Who Has he conducted the negotiations? Is it true that we do not have an ambassador in Ankara at the moment? "he asked.

In the same way, the PP deputy has summoned the Foreign Ministry to clarify "why a plane that was going to look for material from China stops in Turkey", "who managed these purchases", if it was a commercial plane and what is the problem at customs.

Martínez stressed that what is happening is "the result of ineffectiveness, arrogance and the continuous lies of the Government" and recalled that the PP already requested a few days ago the appearance of the minister to account for the "disastrous management of the repatriations "of compatriots abroad. "And now we will ask her again to explain what has happened in Turkey," he concluded.


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