The PP urges Fomento to monitor the rise of air tickets to the Canary Islands

The PP urges Fomento to monitor the rise of air tickets to the Canary Islands

The PP is going to urge the Ministry of Public Works to monitor the price increase of air tickets on the routes between the peninsula and the Canary Islands and to take measures so that the new 75% bonus benefits the traveler, without the airlines using it for " raise your profit margin. "

In a statement, the president of the PP of the Canary Islands, Asier Antona, warns that his party is concerned about the increase in prices on air routes between the islands and the rest of Spain that are denouncing users since the resident discount The state finances rose from 50 to 75%.

Antona announces, in fact, that the popular will present a battery of initiatives in the Canarian Parliament and also in the Senate to "demand greater control of the Government over prices and competition."

"The increase in the discount of residents is a measure to compensate the Canary Islands, not to improve the income accounts of transport companies, which already benefit indirectly with the consequent growth of the demand that the cheapening of tickets generates" , defend.

The PP claims to increase the number of seats offered on routes with the Canary Islands, "a more transparent system in the control of tariffs and the intervention of the competition authorities, to clarify if irregularities are taking place in the establishment of the prices".

In the Upper Chamber, the popular senator for Gran Canaria Hipólito Suárez has filed a motion in which he calls for the promotion that the bonus of 75% "fall in every instance on citizens and in no case be instrumentalized by private companies of the sector to increase their income and profit margins ".

"It is essential that the government does its job and supervises the correct application of the bonuses, to erase any shadow of suspicion about the possibility of unfair practices or collusion pacts between companies," he says.


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