The PP urges Augusto Hidalgo to take the reins so that the Néstor Museum reopens

Main entrance to the Néstor Museum, a municipal institution that has been closed to the public for four years and is awaiting restoration. / JUAN CARLOS ALONSO

He requests that the drafting of a work project be commissioned to be carried out immediately for an art gallery that has been closed for four years

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The Popular Party in the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria urged this Thursday in a statement the mayor of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and president of the Néstor Museum Board, Augusto Hidalgo (PSOE) to personally assume the reopening, after four years closed, of the Museum, with the commission and subsequent execution of the rehabilitation project that the current municipal managers have been unable to execute.

"After more than four years provisionally closed, the Néstor Museum still has no project, no start date for the work, and therefore it is not known when it will be finished, says the capital's PP spokeswoman, Pepa Luzardo, in addition to not knowing who is preparing the work project "nor when will the result of this rehabilitation be presented to the Council's Heritage Commission", which will have to approve it as it is a listed building of Cultural Interest (BIC).


  • History
    "The museum still has no project, no start date for the work and therefore it is not known when it will be finished," Pepa Luzardo denounces.

  • Indifference
    "Not only do we lose a tourist attraction of the first order, but from the City Council they fight us all."

  • Trajectory
    "He has been four years in a row with works that no one directs or supervises."

  • Incongruity
    «An interest in culture is presumed and at the same time the most important art gallery is closed»

Luzardo describes these last four years of closure of the capital's main art gallery, which houses the pictorial work of Néstor Martín-Fernández de la Torre, as an "immense political nonsense" and accused the lack of interest of this government group (PSOE, Podemos and New Canary).

“Not only do we lose a first-rate tourist attraction, but the worst thing is that from the City Council, those responsible have been fighting not only us, the Popular Party, but all citizens and especially the family of Néstor Martín-Fernández . Four successive years with works that no one directs, no one politically supervises in a city that aspires to be the European Capital of Culture, ”adds the popular mayor.

The councilor from Gran Canaria emphasizes that it is a "first-order inconsistency to boast of an interest in culture and at the same time have the most important art gallery in this capital closed due to works that never get produced."

For four years the entire historic complex has been closed, including the hermitage of the Pueblo Canario.

The Popular Group has presented several initiatives to the Government Group during all this time to find out the status of the development of the museum building rehabilitation project, what steps were being taken in its drafting and also to know the origin of the paralysis of the work of the hermitage by court order after the complaint filed by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria.

«It is not acceptable that this City Council is looking the other way, when the Cabildo and the city council depend on the same political parties and that they are throwing balls out on top. The reality is that this Mayor has not been on top of the entire rehabilitation and improvement process, as is his obligation, and even Néstor's own family has had to come out in the media denouncing the 'laziness of a few' as the source of this already indefinite closure”, he concludes.

Last Sunday, in the pages of this newspaper, Daniel Montesdeoca, director of the Néstor Museum, explained that the site was closed to the public when he had to intervene in its basement, where its deposit and toilets were located, due to leaks and humidity. detected. The same defect was later found in almost the entire building, the result of leaks from a building "in decline" for years.

He also denounced that the Néstor Museum is not yet "registered in the Protectorate of Foundations" and that it should be in charge of the management of the Bodegón del Pueblo Canario and its hermitage, also closed to the public more than four years ago due to structural problems.

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