The PP tomb in the Senate the path of socialist deficit, rejected twice

The PP tomb in the Senate the path of socialist deficit, rejected twice

The PP has released the veto capacity that the Senate has on the budget path by using its absolute majority in this House to knock down the deficit targets proposed by the Socialist Government, which have been rejected for the second time.

It has been of no use that the path that increases the public deficit target by five tenths (to 1.8% of GDP) reached the Senate with the endorsement of the Congress, in the face of the PP's determination not to support anything at all. Government that believes that it is giving way to the blackmail of the Catalan separatists.

It has been a rough and harsh debate that has forced the president of the Senate, Pío García Escudero, to call attention to his lordships on numerous occasions and in which interventions have slipped most of the time into the political arena with bitter references to Catalonia and Andalusia

The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, has confessed her "disenchantment" with the announced rejection of some objectives that would have allowed to have more than 6,000 million additional euros in 2019, whose absence will prevent strengthening health, education and dependency, At the same time, it will foreseeably impact on a lower growth of the state investment.

Montero has dedicated hard words to the PP and Cs – which has also voted against the path -, whom he accused of "despising" the policies aimed at improving the living conditions of citizens because of their "liberal rigorism." …) have never believed in the welfare state or the autonomy.

With their attitude contrary to a greater budgetary margin, the minister said, they have displayed a patriotism "of removes and pon, flag and balcony, wrist and belt" that is far from the general interest.

"They can opt for the scorched earth policy or for defending the common good," the minister has said to the PP, who reminded her that the PSOE always voted in favor of the deficit flexibilities proposed by the popular ones.

The spokesman of the PP in the Senate, Ignacio Cosidó, has assured that the speech of the minister was the one of the defeat and the failure, and it has remembered to him that his party "does not want to be accomplice" of a Government willing to "do what be "for staying in power.

Also, he explained that they voted against to avoid more spending and more taxes at a time of cooling the economy, and to prevent the Socialists are financed "the longest election campaign" with the budgetary margin of 6,000 million.

The spokesman of Budgets of the PP, Juan Antonio de las Heras, who has criticized that the only objective of the Government is to support the Legislature with "the partners of the ultra-left and with separatists, nationalists and philoetarras, that all they want is to intervene the division of the Spanish State ".

In the same line, the senator of Cs Francisco Javier Alegre has denounced that only the Executive knows the "secret pacts" reached with the president of Catalonia, Quim Torra, in exchange for his support, while criticizing that Podemos is who " it really does economic policy. "

Among the groups in favor of the deficit path, the spokesman of Unidos Podemos, Ferrán Martínez, has reproached the PP that is "stealing a decent health, education and dependence", while being outraged by the symmetry that the popular have established between their training and Vox.

The spokeswoman of the Basque Parliamentary Group (GPV), María Dolores Etxano, has warned that her support does not mean a "blank check" for the Budgets.

The senator of the PDeCAT, Josep Lluis Cleries, has reiterated that his support is not a "yes" to the Budgets and that the favorable vote of his party responds to the additional 470 million that Catalonia would have, while the senator of ERC, Bernat Picornell, has stressed that they do not want to get up from the negotiating table.


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