April 11, 2021

The PP sees the reduction of waiting lists “impossible” during the pandemic

Australia Navarro and Miguel Ángel Ponce, yesterday, during the press conference at the headquarters of the PP.  |  |  EFE

Australia Navarro and Miguel Ángel Ponce, yesterday, during the press conference at the headquarters of the PP. | | EFE

The Popular Party consider that the drop they have experienced the waiting lists of the Canary Islands Health Service in 2020, with almost 42,000 fewer registered people than the previous year, “it is not believable”. This was stated yesterday by the regional president of the PP, Australia Navarro, together with the parliamentary spokesman for health and specialist in Pneumology, Miguel Angel Ponce, in a press conference in which they called “inexplicable” that this “improvement” has occurred in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic and, even less, “when 1,400 surgeries and 22,000 consultations have had to be suspended” due to of the health crisis.

“We do not know if the figures offered by Health a week ago are made up, manipulated or incomplete, what we do know is that they do not reflect the serious collapse that health care is suffering today in the islands,” Navarro pointed out in relation to the decrease in patients who await the appointment of SCS in the Archipelago and that went from being 192,203 in December 2019 to 150,514 in the same month of 2020. This translates into 22% less on average between one year and another, a period in which the lists of Waiting for operations has been reduced by 1,393 patients (5% less), those for diagnostic tests by 3,567 (14% less) and those for consultations with specialists 36,729 (26% less). A set of data that in the opinion of the president of the popular ones is “absurd”.

As recalled by both Navarro and the spokesperson, the Spanish Association against Cancer warned that during the pandemic 20% of cancer patients have not been diagnosed in time, as well as The Patient Ombudsman reported that health waiting lists have increased between 40 and 50% since the arrival of the coronavirus. For this reason, the PP makes “a call” for the Government of the Canary Islands to act “in a responsible and transparent manner” and report on the real increase in demand for care during the health crisis.

The president of the popular believes that the reduction of 42,000 patients in 2020 is “incredible”

In this sense, Ponce pointed out that the balance presented a week ago should have been accompanied this time by other data such as how many consultations have been canceled, how many patients have had a diagnosis delay, if urgent surgeries have increased due to delays or delays. income for complications, among others, to have a more realistic composition of the situation. And it is that for the also health professional, it is “impossible” that there has been a decrease in patients on the SCS waiting lists in 2020, when “it is the opposite” and “the serious thing” is that the regional Executive ” not be aware of this increase. ”

That is why the PP urges to make a “more rigorous analysis” and carry out the recommendations of the audit that was carried out in 2018 at the request of the Popular Parliamentary Group in which it was detected that the data presented “were not reliable ”, Since“ the information systems of the waiting lists are not homogeneous ”. Among the measures that the PP asks to be applied is the opening of all agendas that may be closed, as well as registering and counting all patients who currently require assistance, and also, doing so at the time that their doctor ask for the appointment and not when the date is finally given, as is the case today.

The Popular Party also requests that waiting lists be automated, and that a single management be put in place to organize the activity between the two reference hospitals on the island. “We also consider that it is necessary to assess that those patients who undergo surgery or have postoperative complications, they can use convalescent beds to avoid medium stays through the concerted network or by promoting home care, ”said Ponce.

The parliamentary spokesman defends a single management, among other measures

Referring to the Plan Tackles 2021-2022 with which Health announced that it intends to reduce the SCS waiting lists by 30% in the next two years, the parliamentary spokesman pointed out that “it is, rather, the overflow plan, which is how are the first-line toilets ”. And it is that in the opinion of his party, the Government’s forecast of having between 200 and 250 more health professionals who will join the more than 4,500 hired to face the coronavirus crisis is “insufficient” to achieve this objective and, more still, when “200 million euros are going to be allocated” to this initiative. “We must remember that the toilets are totally exhausted after a year of pandemic.”

In any case, the measure that the Executive intends to carry out is “late” for the PP, which does not understand that it was not presented last summer, when the first wave ended, to suppose “a shock plan to use all the Possible recueros such as subsidized centers that, in addition, have seen little covid ”.


150,514 People waiting

  • According to the data provided by the SCS last week, in the Canary Islands there are 150,514 people waiting for an operation, a test or a consultation with a specialist.

37,729 fewer queries

  • The balance managed by Health includes that in the second half of 2020 there were 104,657 consultations, 37,729 less than the same period of the previous year.


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