January 16, 2021

The PP sees “insufficient” measures for tourism and believes that “Sánchez still does not find out anything”

This is how his spokesman for Tourism in Congress, Agustín Almodóbar, said that in a series of messages published on his Twitter account, and collected by Europa Press, he has confessed “ojiplático” when he saw the appearance of Sánchez from La Moncloa after the extraordinary Council of Ministers this Thursday.

“The measures announced by Pedro Sánchez this afternoon aimed at tourism, the most important sector of the economy, are absolutely insufficient. Definitely, this government, which does not deserve or be called as such, does not know what it is up to,” he said.

Another “popular” leader, his deputy spokesman in Congress Guillermo Mariscal, has criticized that in the government “they either do not have the capacity to respond or they lack the leadership and courage to face the crisis.”

In another message, Almodóbar has linked the fall in the Stock Market, which has closed with a setback of more than 14%, the largest decline in its history, with the measures approved. “The stock market is falling more than 14% at this time, the biggest drop in its history. Pedro Sánchez appeared a few minutes ago, I am not saying anything else,” he wrote.

Among the measures approved for the tourism sector, the Government has approved the flexibility of the rules for the allocation of slots at airports, known as ‘slots’, and the allocation of 400 million euros to the Official Credit Institute (ICO) to support companies and freelancers of tourism, transport and hospitality.

Last week, the PP called on the government to resign from approving a new rate or special tax on air transport, a reduction of state, regional and local taxes on tourism, increase cooperation with the sector and reinforce promotional and communication actions “with quiet messages. “


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