The PP says that Moncloa does not respond to Casado's calls to meet

The Deputy Secretary for Social Policy of the PP, Cuca Gamarra, has indicated this Thursday that there is no date for the meeting between the chief executive, Pedro Sánchez, and the PP leader, Pablo Casado, and explained that "Moncloa has not responded to the calls of the cabinet of Casado to be able to agree the meeting ".

In an interview on Antena 3, Gamarra stressed that the PP reaches out to the Government, "that hand they bite daily", and has urged the Executive to "redirect" their attitude because the Spanish want "unity, which does not mean submission but that we work together but, for that, they have to take that hand that we reach out. "

Gamarra has insisted that the PP has always acted with responsibility but "that same responsibility leads to demanding seriousness when it comes to articulating the meetings, especially if we are talking about a state of alarm."

The popular leader has considered that "it is not welcome to find out by the press" and that in a month of state of alarm the Prime Minister has dedicated to the opposition leader "four minutes in two phone calls."

Therefore, it has demanded "seriousness" since "it is also important how the meetings are organized."

For his part and along the same lines, the PP's Deputy Secretary for Communication, Pablo Montesinos, has assured, in an interview on RNE, that Casado will always meet with Sánchez out of institutional loyalty and because the PP is a "serious" party. that institutions are "believed".

But he stressed that the dialogue between the two "is not taking place at the moment" and during the crisis "they have barely spoken for two minutes", while denouncing that, while the PP accepts and supports the state of alarm and its extensions , the PSOE spokeswoman in Congress, Adriana Lastra, insults and attacks them without being disavowed by any member of the Government or her party.

"The PP, out of institutional loyalty, has always been there when Pedro Sánchez has called, but that call has not occurred," Montesinos insisted, concluding that the Prime Minister "does not have the PP" to deal with one of the "most serious" crises that Spain has faced.


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