March 5, 2021

The PP says that Delgado should refuse to be a general prosecutor if he has “dignity” by voting against seven members of the CGPJ

Specifically, the Plenary Session of the CGPJ) has endorsed an opinion that validates that Delgado meets the legal requirements to be the State’s attorney general with the support of 12 members and seven against. The approved text validates this formal aspect but avoids an express pronouncement on the “suitability” of the person chosen by the Pedro Sánchez Executive to exercise this position.

“If Delgado had some dignity left, he should reject the charge, since he lacks the impartiality necessary for this position. Sánchez, once again, throwing the separation of powers on the ground,” García Egea said in a message in his official Twitter account, which Europa Press has collected.

According to sources of the direction of the PP, Delgado “surely meets the requirements to access the position”. “That nobody discusses, neither does the PP,” they say. Of course, they emphasize that the vowels have failed to transfer the “suitability” for the office of Dolores Delgado and “only limit themselves to validating that it meets the formal requirements”.


According to the PP, what has been called into question “is its impartiality” to exercise this function, going directly from directing the Ministry of Justice to the State Attorney General. The same sources stress that “there is no precedent for an appointment so questioned by the judicial and fiscal career.”

For all these reasons, sources in the PP leadership have insisted that this decision of the Council CGPJ obliges Delgado to reject the appointment as attorney general of the State “if he has any personal and professional dignity.”


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