The PP says it will seek to agree with Vox to invest Moreno and blames "a misunderstanding" talking about counseling

The PP says it will seek to agree with Vox to invest Moreno and blames "a misunderstanding" talking about counseling

The secretary general of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, said Friday that to achieve change in Andalusia "the first step" was to reach an agreement with Citizens and "the second" will be agreed with Vox: "That's what we did for the Table (of the Andalusian Parliament) and that we are going to do for the investiture ".

This has been stated in an interview on Telecinco, collected by Europa Press, which has attributed to "a small misunderstanding" that the secretary general of Vox, Javier Ortega Smith, said that the PP had offered counseling in the Andalusian Government.

Moreover, he reported that, when he heard his statements, he approached to ask him –the two attended on Thursday the constituent session of the Andalusian Parliament–. As he said, the only thing he did was to ask Vox's management for "his intentions" and "what model" they thought he should follow "the change" in Andalusia, but the Santiago Abascal party made it clear "they did not have intention of nothing related to the Government and the matter was settled, "but" there was no offer or anything like that. "

García Egea has acknowledged that, after agreeing with Ciudadanos, the second step will be to agree with Vox. However, asked by Citizen's warning that he will not admit changes in the closed programmatic agreement between both parties, the leader of the PP has argued that it is an agreement to which "nobody who wants to evict Susana Diaz can refuse".

In addition, he said that it is a pact that can be "improved, developed and enriched" when put into practice in the Andalusian Parliament, where he will need the votes of PP, Cs and Vox, because it is "a framework agreement", not an accurate list of proposals of law or budgets.

Garcia Egea has made it clear that the PP has no problem negotiating with Vox and that even on Wednesday night, they wanted to "take a photo to immortalize the moment" to make it clear that they have no problems in reaching agreements to improve the life of citizens. In his opinion, who is negotiating secretly is Pedro Sánchez with his Budget project.


In that sense, has abounded in the argument that "has come to stay" a "new PP" that speaks "clear and without complex," says what he thinks and is willing to reach agreements with Citizens and also with Vox "for evict Susana Díaz. " A PP, he said, "without complexes and wanting to unify everything that is on the right of the PSOE."

Thus, he stressed that the party wants that, in the upcoming regional and municipal elections, the voters are "proud" with the PP ballot in places like Barcelona, ​​"with high forehead for what the PP has done in Andalusia and in the rest of Spain. " "If we have to reach agreements with other parties absolutely nothing happens, the important thing is the program and the development of the measures," he concluded.


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