The PP requires the resumption of control sessions after Easter

The PP spokeswoman in Congress, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, will demand this Tuesday at the Board of Spokespersons that the weekly control sessions be recovered from the Government after Easter and will propose the return of the maximum possible number of deputies from the next plenary session , scheduled for this Thursday.

Both actions are part of the "plan for the immediate reopening of Congress" designed by Álvarez de Toledo, which considers that "if the plenary can meet to validate the expansion of the alarm every 15 days, it can also control the government every week."

In addition to recovering the control sessions, the PP will request that the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, appear next week before Congress to account for the last five European Councils, a "legal obligation that has been breached", said this Tuesday in a statement Álvarez de Toledo.

The popular spokeswoman has also submitted a letter to the Congress Table to lift the suspension of the calculation of the deadlines for processing initiatives.

Failure to do so, he warned, will go to the Constitutional Court on the understanding that the suspension "de facto nullifies the ability of the opposition to control the Government," which, in the PP's opinion, goes against Article 116.5 of the Constitution. .

In his opinion, the Bureau has exceeded its powers and violated the political representation rights of the deputies.

Among the measures for the "reopening" of the Congress presented this Monday by Álvarez de Toledo to the parliamentary groups of the PP of the Congress, the Senate and the European Parliament, it is included the attendance to the plenary session on Thursday, which will debate the extension of the state of alarm , of as many deputies as possible from the health point of view.

This means keeping a meter of distance between one and the other, a seat, which would allow the PP to be present with up to 45 deputies.

"It is time for the Spanish to see us. It is time for them to know that the Popular Party deputies work on the front line," stressed Álvarez de Toledo, for whom "there is no reason" why the plenary sessions and commissions should not They can celebrate with the mixed formula of face-to-face meeting with the possibility of telematic voting.

In his opinion, a commission can meet daily, in the largest rooms of Congress and with the deputies keeping the security distances between them.

The PP will also demand the qualification of all the initiatives that are registered, with a reinforcement of lawyers if necessary, and the possibility that the groups can offer press conferences from Congress.

"If at the Palacio de La Moncloa you can hold fake press conferences, at the Palacio de Congreso you can hold real press conferences," said Álvarez de Toledo.


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