December 1, 2020

The PP requires that Congress enable the months of July and August to hold plenary sessions

These are some of the proposals that the ‘popular’ have agreed during the telematic meeting that the group’s spokesperson, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, has held with her deputies to prepare the Plenary sessions – which will begin this Wednesday with the control session for the Government – and that will lead to the appointments of the Table and Board of Spokespersons scheduled for this Tuesday.

The PP defends that Congress must function “at full capacity” and although it welcomes the fact that parliamentary activity will resume this week thanks to the “democratic pressure” exerted on the Government, it stresses that it will not do it at the pace and with the intensity that an exceptional situation like the one caused by the Covid-19 requires.


For this reason, Álvarez de Toledo has announced that, in addition to being able to hold plenary sessions in July and August, he will insist on the need to increase the presence of his lordships both in plenary and in parliamentary committees, an idea that he already transferred last week in the meeting of the unta of Spokesmen reaping the criticisms of the rest of the parties that consider that this is an “irresponsible” proposal. To date little more than 40 deputies have attended the plenary sessions held in this state of alarm, approximately 10% for each parliamentary group.

In spite of everything, the first opposition party will return to the charge with this measure because it maintains that the deputies “are an essential service and must be on the front line.” In this sense, he will ask that a sanitary protocol be carried out to develop the parliamentary activity “in fullness” and with protection for the workers of the house and for the assistants of the deputies.

In addition, it will also demand the implementation of all parliamentary committees and the appearance of all ministers. At the meeting of the Board of Spokespersons last week it was agreed that the commissions would gradually resume their work in the coming days.


In the same way, the PP has also announced that it will send a letter to the Congress Table, where the PSOE and Unidas Podemos have a majority, demanding a modification of the telematic vote so that it can be issued after the debate, and not before, “by common sense and democratic cleanliness. ” “It is democratically logical and it is viable,” he defends.

Finally, the PP will request that the Chamber prepare a tribute to the figures of the former President of Congress Landelino Lavilla and of the former Ombudsman Enrique Múgica, and keep a minute of silence tomorrow at the start of the plenary session scheduled for this Wednesday. Batet already announced this Tuesday, after learning of Lavilla’s death, that Congress will pay tribute to him this Wednesday keeping a minute of silence and that the Chamber will organize an act in his honor when circumstances allow.


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